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Bettys Week

    Hints had been dropped that there was a tropical phenonia on Clay Street. Finally got a minute in the daylight hours, on my way home Tuesday, to swing up that street and check  it out for myself.

    Well, sure enough, along the street in front of J. C. Womble’s home there stands a row of what looks like little Crepe Myrtle Palms. The tree trunks are this strange palm color, but the tops are definitely Mississippi Crepes. They’re certainly different—but lovely. Asked J. C. about these plants and he says, “Yes, they are a different variety and I think the trunks will turn Watermelon Red by Carnival Time.” We’ll have to keep a close eye on these exotic plants.


  Our old copier, which is worn out, is now very sick. Friday Jimmie needed a few things from the big city, so I go along to purchase us a new machine. Had bought a toner cartridge for old reliable just a week ago—when I left it, it was fine. Came back, put in the new cartridge and it decided to act up. Well the only way to copy with it at the present  is off the ADF Board—Main Board just gives a read-out I’m not smart enough to fix. David’s going to work on it Thursday.

  Reason for me not buying a new machine was that the service person in the store advised me that we might just have a minor problem. He told me numerous things to check and ways to adjust that might make it run again. Also, I wanted the same machine we’re now using and there is one in Tupelo—or there was a couple of weeks ago.

    This very knowlegable tec/salesperson advises against buying the same machine we have, saying that support for it will probably be available only for a few more years. He also says that the new machines run more economically. Well, I came home to let the boss make the call on what to purchase.

  After attending to our pressing business, Jimmie and I went to lunch. At our favorite restaurant there was a 45 minute wait and this was about 1:30, so we settled for our second favorite and the food was great.

  Then it was off to do some fun shopping—buying junk and drastically reduced great items. We didn’t find much—some other thrifty shoppers had beaten us to all the good stuff. Jimmie’s casual china has no soup bowls and we like soup. I found some cute little square soup bowls in classic white for only 99 cents each. We took home a dozen. Bill’s comment was, “I’ve never seen square soup bowls, don’t know if they’er going to be good for eating out of or not.” Well, I tell him they’re pretty and the price was right, so learn to love them. If I put good food in them, he will.


  Cathy Odom and I wish to register a compaint—We don’t like this cold weather.

  Now it’s not natural to go to church on Easter Sunday with colder temps than you had on Christmas morning. I wore my wool pants and a heavy turtleneck. Did find a spring jacket, which was made for winter. I’ve had it several years, and had never worn it—the things lime green and white, but is completely lined and usually when the date is right for wearing it, the weather is way to hot. Well it got worn once and it felt good.

  We had breakfast at the church and I went in early to make biscuits and scramble eggs, so I was out in the coldest part of the day. We had a great crowd for morning services, heard beautiful Easter music, and Bro. Ken brought a wonderful message.

  After church I went to Mom’s to get food on the table. Was my turn to do this since Pope Baptist had regular worship hours.

  After lunch, everyone left so Mom and I watched The Masters. We both enjoy watching golf. Was very impressed by  the young man who won this year, Zack Johnson. This was only his second major win, even though he’s 31 years old. I predict thought that we’ll hear lots more from him in the future.

    He oviously is a very devout Christian and gave the credit for his win to his Master. He smiled throughout 18 holes of play—never changing his countenance, whether bad or good strokes. He said he didn’t keep up with what the other players were doing, just played his game and hoped for the best—and he got the best. This made me exceeding happy. I always have a favorite player and Johnson has now become my man.


  Picked up my tax forms from Joe Black on Friday. I’d payed in enough and this is always great news. They’re off to the IRS. On the subject of taxes though, have you seen the commercials which advise you to call if you owe the IRS a whopping sum?

    They promise to get you a settlement for just pennies on the dollar. Now if this is true, I’m really mad. Why should those folks not have to pay their entire debt? Also, how did they every get this deep in debt to the IRS? A few months ago I somehow slipped up and failed to make our monthly deposit—only time in almost 50 years that it had not been made timely. Well, I not only had to depoist the correct amount, but it came with a ten percent penalty. Now how can they penalize us for not depositing taxes that are not due until April 15 of the following year. None of this make sense to me.

    Also, I’m working for the IRS by collecting and depositing their taxes—seems like they should be paying me for my work and not penalizing me when I slip up one time.

  I’m not willing to subsidize dead beats who squander their money and fail to pay their fair share of taxes—if they owe these taxes in the amounts reported by these commercials they’ve made big bucks. You have to owe at least ten thousand dollars to even qualify for these settlements.


  Know the Blue Devils are playing baseball at the present—I see their sign in the street . Hope to take in one of these games in the near future—I do like baseball.

  Also, an exciting event has been announced for Friday. Jill Clark brought by an article stating that the WVHS Diamond Girls will play the Diamond Divas on the High School Baseball Field at 6 p.m. Friday, the 13.

    Admission will be $5. The concession stand will be selling all kinds of delicious baseball foods. All proceeds from this event will benefit the Varsity Baseball Program. Come on out for a fun evening and help with this worthy cause.

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