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Bettys Week

Betty Shearer

    After I’d finished my column last week, Brother Don who lives in Batesville called to tell me he’d returned safely from his turkey hunt in Oklahoma. Reported that he’d arrived back home early Monday night, but didn’t get me. Reason for this was that  I was in Batesville eating supper with Al and Betty Davis and Bill and Jimmie.

    In addition to the report on his kill, Don had some more interesting news for me. He and the group of fellows he’d gone hunting with were sitting in a restaurant in Arnett, Oklahoma.

    Don says this if a very small town and they were in its only place to eat. Sitting around with other hunters, they began exchanging some personal information, including where they were from. One group was from Florida, another from the mid-west, still others from various parts of the U.S. Don says when it was his turn he reported,     

    “We’re from North Mississippi, Batesville to be more specific.” He says a young man from a nearby table replied, “Do you know where Water Valley is?” “Of course,” Don answered, “I have a sister who’s lived there for many years. She’s Betty Shearer and she and her husband owned and ran the paper there until Ed’s death a few years ago and Betty continues to work at the paper.”     

    Immediately the young man came back with, “I know Mr. Ed and Mrs. Betty. I’m Eugne Davis and I’ve lived here for nine years, but I grew up in Water Valley.” Don says it sure is a small world. Eugene sends greeting to all his family and friends in the Valley. With the help of Sammie Cobern and my High School Annuals I now have a face for Eugene. It was good to hear from him.

    He and Don went on with their visit by discussing that Al and Betty Davis were my best friends. Said Eugene says, “Yes, I know who Al is, but he’s an import!” Then he told Don that there were several other Davis families in the Valley, all of whom are unrelated. This started me to thinking and I realized that we do have a lot of Davises and they’re all fine folks.


  Played Bridge Thursday night. Jimmie and I were the hostesses. I didn’t play, but sat between the two excellent palyer, who lost all night—got blamed for their poor scores. They were getting the kind of cards I usually get and they think it was because I’m a bad omen. I may have trouble getting a partner in the future, or I may even be drummed out of the organization.

    Oh well, I have fun—winning or loosing—and I think the rest of the crew does too. We also have entertainment at these Bridge Parties. Thursday night, Amy Florence was our stand-up comedian. She began with the question, “If you were going to fall in love with a super hero character, which one would it be?”  She got no answers. Then she elaborated (and you could tell she’d put a lot of thought into this) that her fellow certainly could not be Superman.

    Said you’d have to wear lead underwear, because with his X-Ray vision he’d be able to see all of you anytime he wished. She went on with “At your first meeting, it would already be to late.” Then she goes to Spider Man.  She says, “Can you imagine holding his hand in the movie, with all that webby stuff.” This went on and on until she came to one she thought she might tolerate—Batman.

     I had to admit that he was right handsome, drove a very sporty car and was the least offensive of all. We often benefit from Amy’s deep analysis of subjects and on the record let me just say, “Thank you, Amy, for all the deep research you do into these matters that we someday might have to face!” We do have fun!


  Saturday Jimmie and I shopped and ate—after five weeks of this Friday routine, while the van was being repaired, we just couldn’t stop our addiction cold turkey. On Saturday it was off to Mom’s for our usual visit, cooking and cleaning. Brother Bo made Mom a walk-in shower out of her old fiberglass bathtub. Took his chain saw, cut our a plug, but a frame around the hole he’d made and now will fiberglass it over. Mom says it’s going to work fine. Her bath is so small that we couldn’t find a shower stall that would fit the space and this is going to be much cheaper and it doesn’t look bad.


  Came back Satuday night to attend the Womanless Beauty Pageant and it was well worth the drive. Dr. Joe Walker did an excellent job as MC and I’m glad I didn’t have the five judges jobs. Told everyone that if I’d been judging we’d have had a complete tie for first place. Winner Hal Clark was an excellent choice, though. Second place went to Terry Varner and Third to Eddie Mister—both were great. Guest Daryl Burney and the back up singers also added much to the entertainment. It was a great show and I’m sure that the Hospital Relay for Life Team netted a sizeable sum for Cancer Research. Haven’t heard a figure yet. If you missed the show, you’ll find pictures in this edition.


  Enjoyed another great night Monday night, with the annual Chamber of Commerce Banquet. President Kim Jones, Manager Bonnie Cox, Decorations Chairman Glenda Gordon and her team, and Food Committee Chair Julia Tyler and her staff all did outstanding jobs.

    The Braswell Hatcher Award went to long-time Vallians, Mary Lou and “Snooky” Williams—An excellent choice in my opinion. Mayor Bill Norris gave a report on the status of the City, Kim told of some of the projects of the Chamber during the year and introduced Joe Newman, incoming president, who gave some insite as to future plans of the CofC, including continuation of many of the projects begun in the past year. On behalf of the Chamber he presented Kim a plaque for her year of service.

  Entertainment was by “Doc” Holiday, “The Hilarious Hypnotist”. Dr. Holiday is a medical doctor. I was surprised by the people who were suceptible to hypnosis and also to those he was unable to put under. It is an interesting concept and also one that is used quite sucesfully in the medical field. We did enjoy many good laughs and to those under hypnotis, you really did nothing to embarass yourselves.

  Enjoyed seeing several out-of-town friends, as well as many Vallians that I rarely see. This banquet provides a geat gathering each year, with visits to folks rarely seen, good food and entertainment, and a report on the conditions of our area. Thanks, Chamber.


  We had no local obits last week, so I knew we’d get several this week. Didn’t expect two them to be from one class. The Class of ‘52 lost two members, Mary Elizabeth Brown Carothers of Water Valley, and Rose Mays Pepper from Memphis. Both were WVHS Grads and also Ole Miss Alumni.

  I knew Mary Lib and Arnold Wayne from my earliest days in the Valley. She and Ed had been friends since childhood and when I came into Ed’s life, I was also included in this friendship circle. Mary Lib was a wonderful person and I always enjoyed my time with her. Later we spend lots of time with Daughter Ginny during her band years. Didn’t know Sean as well. My sympathy is extended to Arnold Wayne, Ginny, Sean, and all the family. We will all miss her.

  Knew the Mays family very well, but Rose was already away when I got to the Valley. Did see her from time to time and kept up with her with reports from proud father, Ed. Sympathy is extended to the Mays and Pepper Families.

  We will also miss Naomi Alexander. Usually saw her once a year—she always came by to pay her subcription. Sympathy is extended to her sisters and the rest of the family. She will be missed.

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