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Bettys Week

    We wrapped up last week’s edition on Tuesday in time for me to take in the Kindergarten Art Show at First Baptist Church. Hunter Moore had been by earlier to invite me.

    Hunter was Ed’s and my first grand—we just sorta latched on to him when he was born. He actually belongs to Kelli and Chad and his blood grands are Betty and Al and Viola and Steve, but they’re so generous in sharing. The Art Show was wonderful—those youngsters are very creative and do excellent work.

    Included in their shows was art for each holiday, all the seasons, and some just for fun stuff. I was so honored to be included in Hunter’s nature scene. In with the deer, rabbits, barnyard animals, and other critters was B.B. (that’s me). After considering this picture, I realized that I fit right in. I live in the woods with the deer, o’possums, armadillo, racoons, rabbits, squirrels, and more turkeys.

  It was also great to visit with the teachers, parents and grands, and just to learn who all these children are. I’m fast losing contact with the young folks in this town—with Ludie and Ed, gone they don’t come to the Herald Office anymore. Maybe I’ll start baking cookies—that should bring them in. I sure can’t teach them to play an instrument.

  Did have a great time Hunter, thanks for inviting me.


  I have a little tree frog living in my spring door hanging. I love him and most of the time he and I co-habitate without incident. However, occasionally when I come home late at night, he wakes up and hops down on the top of my head. This is startling, to say the least. First time he did it I almost had a heart attack. I’ve learned to get myself braced for his attack. If you come to my house late, be prepared for my watch frog.


  We seem to have an abundance of critters this spring. Traveling to Panola County several times last week, I had a time driving. Many little turtles (about 4-6 inches) were in the road and I just can’t run over them. I slow down, sometimes even stop, to let them get out of the way. I also saw lots of snakes—most of them already dead. Also crossing in my path were rabbits, squirrels, ‘possums, armadillo, coons, and even birds. There’s a medium size hawk on the cut-off road to Mom’s that has almost flow into my windshield several times. I mentioned it and found that Brother Bo and Sister Jimmie had also had encounters with this bird. It just dive-bombs you—wonder if it thinks it is Super Hawk and can carry off a van? When I was quite young I saw what a hawk could do to a windshield, and even though I  know glass is much stronger now, I still don’t want to hit Mr. Hawk.


  David left us last Tuesday for a turkey hunting trip in Kansas. I came into the office Sunday morning and there was a turkey feather on the floor, right in the front door. I thought this was his cute way of telling me he’d scored bit. Well, that was not the case, as I learned Monday morning when he returned to work. We don’t know where that turkey feather came from, but David says he didn’t kill a thing, but did have a great time. I’m so glad he did—that’s really all that matters. You can tell I’m not a hunter.

  Lost Mel at noon on Friday. She and her family visited children and grands in Little Rock. They reported a great time, also. She got to play with all her grands, while the men folk enjoyed hunting.

  It’s good to have the entire Herald family back home, safe and sound. I miss them when they’re not here, but I do get lots more work done when I don’t have anyone to talk to.

  William was busy, covering all the sports activity.


  Got up early Saturday morning, shopped for Mom and then went over to spend the day with her. We cooked lunch—enough for the whole gang—then ate all by ourselves. Jimmie came in after lunch, inquiring what we’d had to eat. Told her it was still on the stove. She says, “Who were you cooking for?” When I cook, I cook enough. Left over was the remains of my jambala (a couple of quarts, which w’re eating today), Mom’s fired chicken (she’d eaten one piece and there were probably a dozen pieces left), along with all the sides. I’d also begun cooking for Sunday lunch. Had a ham bone, so I cooked a couple pounds of Navy Beans in the big pressure cooker bottom—about two gallons. I’d also cooked pork chops in mushroom gravy. Made macaroni and cheese and I don’t know how to make a little. I had a couple of two quart casseroles, along with the three quarter one for Sunday. Did look like I was practicing to open a restaurant.

  Sent her home with cabbage for slaw and left instructions for Bo to cook the bread.


  Came back to the Valley shortly before seven and went on down to the Depot to take in the last night of the Hobo Gathering. First time I’d every been and I report it was wonderful. I enjoyed the entertainment and the fellowship.

  The first year they came (2003) some of the early arrivers came by the office and performed for us. We’d gotten the paper into the Post Office, so we sat down and enjoyed a great mini-concert by two or three of the women. Ed had really looked forward to attending these gatherings, but never got to. We had something going that weekend—probably a visit to Celeste’s and Jim’s. Well in 2004 he was no longer with us. However in 2004 I did get to visit with the Hobos. Ludie was in the hospital and they came to visit her. I happened to be with her when they were there. She’s spent all the time with them in 2003 and had really enjoyed it, but 2004 would be her last visit, since she went to be with the Lord and Ed just a couple of weeks following their visit. In 2005 and 2006  I just had not gone—maybe because it was to painful or maybe because of conflicts. I really can’t remember. However, from now on I’ll make a special effort to attend these affairs. My thanks to the Gurners for hosting and to the hobos for coming.


  Didn’t get to take in a single baseball game this year and I was so sorry to learn that the Blue Devils are out of the play-offs. Understand they did an excellent  job though, and we’ll be looking forward to another great season in 2008.


  Two great musical events coming up are a concert by the combined choirs of WV First Baptist, Coffeeville First Baptist and Coffeeville First United Methodist. “How Great is Our God” will be presented in the sanctuary of Coffeeville FBSaturday, April 28th, and Sunday, April 29th, beginning at 6 p.m. each night, and then at 6:45 on Wednesday, May 2nd, in Water Valley FB.

  The Water Valley Community Band’s Spring Concert will be presented Saturday, May 5th, beginning at 1 p.m. on the Downtown Bandstand.


  Also coming up this weekend is the Annual American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. This includes some fine entertainment and food, along with the walk and other exciting activities.

  Further details of all three of these activities are included elsewhere in this week’s paper.


  Talked to Jim a few minutes ago. He was stuck in I-25 traffic, about a mile or so from school. Says the early morning Las Cruces traffic is really getting bad. Usually Jim goes in very early to miss the heavy traffic, but this morning he was running late. Says if he runs late again, he’s going to find an alternate route to school—and there are some.

  He was telling me about his premier of the Bell Witch piece of music, which he’d commissioned. Jim and his group had played the piece a couple of times before this premier and each time has had a strange occurence. First time it was played the lights went out and I don’t remember what happened the second. However, when they premiered it week-end before last, he and Celeste both got really sick with a stomach virus—he says they almost died. And they’re still not completely recovered. He declares, he’s giving this piece of music one more chance and if something horrible happens he’s trashing it—he’s about to believe there may be something to this Bell Witch Story.

  He’ll be back in Memphis next weekend and we’re looking forward to getting up for maybe a dinner with him. He will not get to the Valley,  or even to Panola County, this trip.

  Last time he was in Memphis I mentioned that he visited with Lucy and Charlie Wood. Well found out that Charlotte Clement Gray and Lucy are co-workers. It is a small world. Charlotte’s father, Travis, was in yesterday and I caught up on the two Clement daughters—know what Lance is doing. Also am excited to learn that Wife Jeannie is able to begin a new treatment. Just praying that it is completely successful.

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