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Living Well in Yalobusha County

Portion Control Can Help You Not Go Overboard

By: Pamela Redwine,
MSU Nutrition and Food
Safety Area Agent

Controlling your weight is a matter of controlling the amount of calories you consume versus the amount your expend in movement through daily activities and exercise.  Many foods, like fruits, vegetables, beans, cooked whole grains, fat-free dairy, and lean protein are naturally low in calories.  So if you base your diet on these, you will feel fuller on fewer calories than if you eat high –calorie sugary and fatty foods like baked goods, fried foods, chips and other processed foods.
But in addition to WHAT you eat, you have to be aware of HOW MUCH you eat.  It is a good idea to write down what you eat in a day and figure out how many calories you are eating.  Can you shave 100 calories from each meal by eating less?  Here are some tips:

How to Stay Afloat:
· Use smaller plates and cups
· Read Nutrition facts labels
· Order small
· Beware of big baked goods
· Share large entrees
· Don’t eat out of the bag
· Don’t eat in front of the TV
· Eat before you go out
Being aware of common portion sizes is a good idea.  For meat, you want 3 ounces per meal – about the size of a deck of cards.  Most packaged cereals call for a cup – about the size of a tennis ball.  A portion of fat-free frozen yogurt is a half-cup or about the size of a racquetball.


Portion Control Size Guide
3 ounces meat = deck of cards
1/2 cup = golf ball
1 cup  = tennis ball
1 teaspoon = tip of thumb
1 tablespoon = whole thumb
Order Size Calories Guide
The difference between a small meal and a super sized meal could be much more than double the calories. A small order of French Fries is 250 calories  and a large order is 570 calories. A large Burger is 730 calories and a small one is 260.

Recipe of the Week
Cream Cheese Brownie Royale

1 package (about 15 ounces) reduced-fat brownie mix
2/3-cup cold coffee or water
1 package (8ounces) reduced-fat cream cheese
1/4 cup fat-free milk
5 packets sugar substitute or equivalent of 3 tablespoons plus 1-teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. Preheat oven to 350°F.  Cat 13×9-inch baking pan with nonstick cooking spray.  Combine brownie mix and coffee in large bowl. Pour into prepared pan.
2. Beat remaining ingredients in medium bowl with electric mixer at medium speed until smooth.  Spoon, in dollops, over brownie mixture.  Swirl into brownie mixture with tip of knife.  Bake 30 to 35 minutes or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean.  Cool completely in pan on wire rack.  Cover with foil; refrigerate 8 hours or until ready to serve.  Cut into 16 squares.

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