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Bettys Week

The Water Valley Area Chamber of Commerce would like to use pictures of all former and present Water Valley doctors, Yalobusha General Hospital Administrators and Directors of Nursing. To do this they need to have pictures supplied by the individuals themselves, families or friends. Pictures will not be harmed and will be returned immediately after they are scanned. If you will help with this project, you may leave the pictures at either the Chamber Office or the Herald Office. Deadline for this is June 1st. “You assistance will be greatly appreciated,” stated CoC Manager Bonnie Cox and Program Chairman Mary Sue Stevens.


  If you missed the Wednesday night presentation of “How Great Is Our God” in the sanctuary of Water Valley First Baptist Church, you missed a tremendous blessing.

  Under the direction of Coffeeville First Baptist Church Minister of Music Julia Williams, a combined choir of that church, Coffeeville First United Methodist, and Water Valley First Baptist was awesome. Soloists for the evening were Patty Bailey, Gregg Davis, Joyce Snider, Mike Ayers and Julia Williams. “Who Am I” featured a duet by Denise Riley Boxx and Anthony Williams. Also included in the program were two praise teams. The first composed of Patty Bailey, Sherri Sheffield, Joyce Snider, Carol Wilbourn, Keith Canterbury and Anthony Williams and the second was the combined voices of Cheri Arrington, Jennifer Ayers, Libby Griffin, Jan Dean Wortham, and Keith Stevens. All of these were outstanding. We have a tremendous amount of talent in our county. Narration was by Missy Burney and Mark Scobey, who were both very professional. Exiting the performance I heard many compliments, expressions of joy that they’d been privileged to hear such a spiritually uplifting musical and it just went on and on. I’ve continued to hear this event discussed very favorably all week and I say “Amen” to each compliment. It was a very beautiful worship experience. My thanks to each of you who had a part in this.


  The rains last week were wonderful and were so badly needed. Brother Bo had cut my grass last Monday (he’s a state employee and had a holiday). Now that’s a great brother—takes his day off to get  sis out of the wilderness.  I can now see if there is a snake where I’m putting my foot. With the rains, though, he’ll have to repeat that chore soon. He says it’s worth it. I’m sure the farmers are happy, as our the gardeners, and just those of us who have a few flowers—we don’t have to water for a few days.

  I’m happy we missed the storms though, but do sympathize with those who took such a pounding. We can all sympathize with the tornado victims. Very often we’re reminded of our ‘84 Tornado, and the others, that I don’t remember, are often discussed. Just this week, a reader needed to see the Tornado Album, and when I got it out I flipped through it and then did the same as I was replacing it. It seemed like last week that this happened—it’s hard to believe that we already passed the 23rd anniversary. WV has made a tremendous recovery and we commend our city government and our citizens for this.


  Had several inquire about my front door critter. The little tree frog seems to have moved to other quarters—haven’t seen him in several days now. However, a fat little toad has come to take his place. Toad Frog likes to rest on my door mat and several times I’ve almost stepped on him. He rusty colored and the mat is straw, so he just blends in. When he jumps I’m always startled.  The critters just keep coming to keep me on my toes—wonder what I’ll get next?


  We worked on the Graduation Section Friday, but still have a ways to go. This will be included in next week’s edition. If we haven’t contacted you about an ad, and you would like to be included in this special paper, call us before 5 p.m. this Friday, May 11th, and we’ll fix you up. This is a special section that apparently is kept by lots of folks for many years. We’ve had former students come back and tell us that they still have their Graduation Edition after many, many years. If you advertise in this section, your ad will continue for years to come. Also, parents, other family members, and friends, are invited to place special greetings to their Grads. Deadline for this is also Friday.


  Cleaned house (mine) a little Saturday morning. Then I dressed and attended the Spring Concert of the Water Valley Community Band, held on the Downtown Bandstand at one o’clock. Sat with Betty and Al Davis and Bobby Suratt. Together we figured who all the band members were and even most of the audience. When you stump Betty, you’re definitely an import. Someone once asked, “Does she know everyone?” My answer was, just about if they’re from a hundred mile radius. And she even has a pretty good knowledge of folks even beyond this range—Jackson, Cleveland, etc.

  The concert was excellent and the the acoustics were great. Was surprised at the wonderful sound, even in an outdoor setting. The band reported that they were pleased with the sound under the canopy.

  Highlight of the event for me was an alto saxophone solo by Carol Sartain Shields. She played beautifully and Ed’s old sax sounded great. At the conclusion of Carol’s solo, I remarked that just because Ed had died he couldn’t be eliminated from that group. He did love the community band—this had been a passion of his for all the years we’d been married. Many times he’d tried to get a group together, but had not been successful. Then a few years ago, Teresia and Rayford Edgar, Becky and Stan Crow, and Ed were successful and I think it’s been a tremendous asset to the Valley.

  The audience, which was very good, was most appreciative of this afternoon of  wonderful music. We’re all ready for another performance.

  Thanks to Stan, Becky, and each member of the band for all the hard work they do to bring us these entertaining musical event.


  Got to Mom’s for Sunday lunch and for all you who keep up with her, she is improving. Maybe she’ll shake her cough soon.

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