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Cummings and Goings in Agriculture

Applicators, Boating Educating Classes Offered

Planting in Yalobusha County continues in a big way and hopefully by the time this article makes the paper, we will have had a soaking rain.  A good rain would help just about everything.

There are several activities going on at the Multipurpose Building that you might be interested in.  This Thursday, May 10, is a busy day, for at 9 a.m. there is a “Lawn Insect Control” program.  The Lunch & Learn program is dealing with young children, and there is a childcare training that night starting at 6:15 p.m.  

Friday, May 11, is just as busy, as the MHV is having Dr. Lelia Kelly, live and in person.  Dr. Kelly will share landscaping tips, and if you’ve never heard one of her presentations, she’s good for a few laughs.  There is also a timed event horse show that night at 8 p.m.  

On Saturday, May 12, there is a boating education class and on Thursday, May 17, there will be two more good horticulture programs.  These should all be quite interesting.  So, yes, there is a lot going on this month, and we hope that you can join in on the fun and learning opportunities.  

In addition, there will be a Private Applicator’s Training on May 21, at 6:30 p.m.  

Horticulture Tips:

Don’t forget the care of houseplants!

Prune and Report

Now that the weather is finally getting warm and hopefully settled, and you are spending more time outdoors, don’t forget about maintenance of houseplants. Check plants for the need to repot if you haven’t done this already. Carefully remove the ball of earth and check the roots. If they are matted and spiraling around the soil ball it is time to repot. If the roots are sparse the plant should grow all summer in the present pot.

Porch and patio plants like hibiscus, allamanda and ixora should be trimmed back, repotted, and fertilized. If needed ferns can be trimmed back, but watch for new emerging fiddleheads.


When fertilizing use a full-strength water-soluble fertilizer solution every time you water. Peters and Miracle-Gro are two brands that have formulations for houseplants.


Check all indoor plants for insects like spider mites, scale, and mealybug. For information on how to control pests on indoor plants request a copy of Information Sheet 0872, “Insect Control for Houseplants” from your county Extension office.  Another publication that has helpful information is Publication 1012, “Care and Selection of Indoor Plants.”


Don’t over-water!  Check the soil, if it is dry, water to thoroughly moisten the soil. Pour out any water that stands in pot saucers. If the plant is limp and the soil is moist, do not water. Tomato plants should be doing well in our current weather pattern.

A question that keeps being asked is about planting more than one variety or type of vegetable next to another. Sweet corn is the only vegetable where this year’s pollen changes this year’s vegetable. Cucumbers, squash, cantaloupes, pumpkins, watermelons, beans, southern peas, okra, tomatoes, eggplants, and other fruiting vegetables can be grown side by side with no influence on the fruit.

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