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On The Mudline

Ever Wonder About Brief Encounters In The Past

The Passers Through

Do you ever stop for a while and think about those people with whom you become friends—just for a moment—and then they are gone, maybe, forever?  Of course, one of the “perks” of teaching is that you have people out there that you became a part of while they were (a captive audience) in your class.  I often, in calling the roll at the first class meeting, asked each student where they lived.      

One replied, I live on a country road,  close to Banner, Mississippi,  that goes nowhere.  I immediately replied and I am indebted to my wife’s uncle Charlie for the reply, “Young lady, always remember that you can start on that road and go anywhere in the world.”  She definitely heard me, as I years later learned.  

Lieutenant Commander

Taich FNP

In the week preceding my recent hospital “experience” I had an appointment at the Byhalia Health Clinic, which serves veterans as a satellite of the Memphis Veteran’s Hospital.  This was a yearly physical check-up, primarily for the renewal of my medical prescriptions.   

When the doctor came in he introduced himself as Nurse Practioner Archie and asked that we, my wife and I, call him Archie.  Archie proceeded to give me a full examination, actually the most thorough exam I’ve had in a number of years.  

One of the first things he did was bring up my records on the computer.  After this, as he examined,  he continually added data to that computer record.  In the conversation, carried on as he examined, he told us that the accent was pure USA for he had worked in Health Centers like the Byhalia Clinic all the way from the west coast to the east coast and that come September he very likely would be somewhere on the Georgia or Florida coast.  What an interesting person this young man was.  To possibly make his rank clear, the army equivalent would be major.  

As we left, Nannette and I talked about the very great possibility that we would never see the young man again but that was not to be the case.  The next night after that visit was my night for a gall stone attack.  At the end of the following week, as I was allowed to leave the hospital, almost all of my medication was changed.

When we got home we immediately called the Byhalia Clinic and asked for an appointment with Archie.  The request was granted.       

Archie again

After listening to my story he took the new prescriptions and put them into the computer along with a cancellation of the previous prescriptions. A big thing was that Archie looked for and found a sample of the major change, thereby enabling me to get on that medication immediately.  Archie paved the road to the  great improvement—which Dr. Evans had predicted and has taken place.    

I know that this was a service man helping an old veteran but he, through his actions, demonstrated that he did care.  We may never see each other again but wherever he is, I know that he will be helping someone.   

Our wish for you is that you have a great week.   You can reach me most of the time at 23541 Highway 6 Batesville, MS 38605,, or 662-563-9879.

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