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Betty’s Week

 Jimmie came over Friday, and after David treated us to lunch at El Charritos, we made our first trip of the season out to Hardy’s Garden Plants. We pickup some beautiful things, which I hope I can keep alive. I’m under a death threat if I let them die, so I’ve cautioned David, Mel, and William about reminding me to keep those plants well watered, or they may loose me. Now I’ll see if they really want to keep me around.

  We put Wave Petunias in the barrels and in the hanging baskets on the old gray wall. In the center of the barrels we gave a little height by placing a couple of Coleus—ruffled, almost black with magenta accents. I think they are the prettiest variety of this plant. It blends well with our magenta and hot pink petunias.

  We put in our water hychincts, but the air conditioner does not yet have enough humidity to support them, so I’m having to water them also. When it gets hot and humid, though, they’ll have plenty of water.

  All the time we were planting passers-by kept asking about the plants—I directed them all to Hardy’s. We do have a wonderful asset with their greenhouses.

  Picked up some tomatoes, squash, peppers, and cucumbers. Linda was helping us and after we’d gotten a flat of Better Boys, I says, “Linda I want the biggest, prettiest tomato plant you have—preferable with ripe tomatoes on it.” She laughed and found me one about two feet high with lots of blooms. I have it in my big pot and I’m looking forward to many delicious tomato sandwiches all summer long. Also am planting half-dozen yellow squash in my bulb beds. These should produce some great eating, also.

  Had to go to Lowe’s with Jimmie on Saturday and we found one of my favorite plants—a Mandevilla. Ed and I always had one near the front entrance and they are so pretty all summer long. I’ve tried to carry them over several times, but always let them get to dry, or to cold, or something. Didn’t buy a Bougainvillia, but sure did want to. I’ve never kept one of these alive for more than a few weeks. However, when I see one it always reminds me of the late Red Cotten. In his greenhouse there was one as tall as the building, which spread over many feet. It was georgous and I’d often go by to get my hug from the other red head and to drink in the beauty of his plant.


  I’m an avid horse race watcher and was so disapointed when  Street Sense lost Saturday. I just knew he was going to sweep the Triple-Crown this year. Think I was more disapointed for that little jockey, than I was for the owner, trainer, or the horse. He was so certain that he was riding the best horse in the race, and I’m not sure he was not correct. If I were a betting person, my money would have been on Street Sense. However, Curin, the winner, and the third horse are also excellent. There is a field of really good three-year-olds this year.

  More sports came Sunday, as Mom and I watched golf. I had to leave before completion of the final hole in order to get to Discipleship Training, so I left her with orders to continue watching, so I could call and find out who won when I got home from church.

    Didn’t even have to call, because it went into sudden death and I got to see the conclusion as I was changing out of my dirty jeans. My favorite player, Zack Johnson, won, defeating a great little Japanese player.

  Mom, of course, is on a walker, but she’ll say, “That sure looks like a fun game to play.” She’d probably have been a great golfer, had she had the opportunity in her youth.


  This is the season of graduations—kindergartens, high schools, colleges and universities. I think all university and college commencements are over. At Woodland Hill we had two members received Master’s degrees—Sammie Cobern and Brandy Vollbracht.

    Our high school grads were Courtney Warren and Brandy Griffin. These were recognized during the Sunday Morning Service. I’m so proud of all of them. Sammie has always been like one Ed’s and my children. She and Patti are the daughters we never had. Then Courtney came along and she was our first “grandchild”.

    I have several pictures signed: “To Ed and Grandmother Too”. It hard to believe that she’s old enought to graduate—was just last week she was born. Ed got to teach Courtney French Horn for a few years, and he loved it. Coutney received her diploma from Lafayette High School Friday night. Couldn’t make this service, but sure did want to. Congratulations to all of these.

  Our graduation exercises were held at ten in the morning Saturday. Couldn’t make this either, but I’m proud of all these young people, also.

  Now we have another special young man graduating this Friday night, when Oxford High has its Commencement Exercise. James Wright was a long time trumpet student of Ed’s and we came to love him and his entire family. He’s an excellent music and academic student and I know he’ll go far in this world.


  I still have not seen Hunter Moore play T-Ball and the season is winding down. According to my schedule his last game is Thursday night—hope I can make it. These youngsters are so cute and some of them amazingly good ballplayers. If you haven’t seen them play, get out and watch a game.


  Another Music in the Park presentation is planned for Friday evening. Beginning at 5:30 there will be a Pavilion Dedication. This will be followed by music, featuring “The Sharecroppers”, and food. Come on out for a great evening of good music and fellowship.


  Remember, this is Memorial Day Weekend, so be careful as you travel the roads. Let’s have as save a holiday weekend as possible.

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