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Weekend Wedding Brings Back Memories

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week.  I hope that all you loyal readers will bear with me this week as I’ll be covering current events instead of history.  I’ll be back on track next week˜I promise.  

The last few days – from Wednesday through yesterday (Saturday) – have been eventful and joyful.  Our niece, Sandra Scanlon, was married to Chris Bennett of Oxford Saturday at the First Baptist Church in Abbeville.  After almost a year of preparation by the bride’s family, it turned out to be more or less a family reunion.

Starting last Wednesday, Lupe and Virginia’s sister Herminda Rice flew in from Sacramento. Thursday their niece, Brenda Eng, and her husband, Greg, arrived from San Diego.  

Also on Thursday their nephew, Jorge, and his wife, Luvenia, flew in with their two sons, George and Zachary. Another niece, Sandra Bermudes and her daughter Jasmine also arrived Friday.  It had been five years since Lupe and Virginia had seen their sister, Herminda, and it had been and 17 years since Lupe had seen Jorge and Sandra.  

Brenda’s husband Greg owns his own business in San Diego and was looking into investment property in the foothills of the Ozarks while they were visiting.  Lupe and Virginia got to speak Spanish with their family as they both grew up in Mexico.  They all speak English better than I do Spanish.  

The wedding was scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday and the church was packed.  It had been years since I had attended a formal wedding, and it was flawless.  Chris’ family and his parents and grandparents and brothers were all involved in the ceremony.  

Jamie and Nicole flew in Friday night from Portland and we haven’t seen them in nearly a year so there was a lot of catching up.  Lupe and I along with Jamie and Nicole, and my daughter, Terri and her children, Elizabeth and Shelby all attended.  

Since Shelby is not quite five and never been to a wedding, we were all a little nervous but she went through it like a little lady.  Edward and Virginia’s children, Kevin and Michael, Edward’s son Kenny, and Edward’s sister, Teresa were all in attendance and all told I think over a 100 people were there.  

Jackie Gurner and his wife were the photographers and they handled the numerous poses in a very professional manner.  After the ceremony a reception was in the fellowship hall.  

I couldn’t help but think back when Edward walked up the aisle to give his daughter away, how it was when I gave Terri away 18 years ago – in fact that may have been the last wedding I attended until now.  I think it is a very emotional time for fathers, after taking care of their daughter for so many years, to give them over to someone else and hope that they’ll take as good care as you did.  

I remembered how once we lost Terri down an aisle in a Famous Barr store in St. Louis, and now I was losing her in another aisle – only fathers can identify with that feeling.

Lupe and I were talking about all the excitement and how great it was to combine a wedding with a family reunion.  Chris and Sandra left for a honeymoon trip to the Great Smokies and the rest of the visitors are heading back to California. Monday the regular routine starts all over again.  

I have several things of interest that I failed to mention in the columns about Casey Jones and the Walker barber shop, which will be in the next column.  

Let me hear from you as your input is always appreciated.  My email address is or write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, TN 38101 and have a great week.

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