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Bettys Week

Jim spent last week in Memphis, working on his soon (late summer, hopefully) to be released CD. On Thursday night, the producer he was working with had a prior commitment, so Jim came to Mom’s, where we fed him.
  I cooked all his favorite foods and the family gathered. We had a great visit, even if it was very short. Mom enjoyed it more than any of us, I think. She can’t stop talking about getting to see Jim three times in the first half of 2007. I think it is pretty great, also.
  As in many gatherings these days, the primary topic of conversation was the weather (especially the lack of rainfall). Jim reports that they are four inches above their annual rainfall—that’s a lot considering their annual is from seven to nine inches. We on the other hand are about ten inches below what we usually get. It’s really getting serious. I’ve watered plants until I’m tired of it and the hot dry weather is still more than a month away. Watched the weather news this morning and the first hope for any rain is Friday—even then it’s a slim hope.
  Jim’s out of school, and reported a great year. Celeste’s final day was Friday. They plan to rest for awhile and do some things that need to be done around the house and maybe travel a bit. Also, reported that the grand dogs are fine.
  The week, prior to coming to Memphis, was spent  in the northwest part of New Mexico. He did a band clinic and presented a recital in Cimarron. While in the area he was housed in Philmont Boy Scout Camp. Jim said Celeste had teased him about being quartered a tent and really having to rough it. Jim reported that it was some of the finest accommodations he’s had in a long time. Says the areas is so beautiful and that he really enjoyed his stay. The last night of his stay, they put him in Cimarron’s best motel because he was leaving and they didn’t want him to have to make the drive back to pick up his gear. Jim says I’d have gladly made the drive.  He says sometimes when we are visiting NM we have to go up into this area—I’m looking forward to it.
  After getting Jim up, fed, and off to work, Jimmie and I had some shopping we needed to do, so we went to Southaven. Jimmie had purchased some wrought iron baskets for her balcony rail, but needed a few more. The Batesville store was out and we knew there were stores in Southaven, Hernando, and Senatobia, so we decided to start in SH and work our way south. Had the number of the item we wanted, found it, but didn’t buy. The basket in Batesville was priced at $6.32, in SH it was over $14. Now you’d think that a chain store, within a fifty mile radius, would have comparable prices.
  We didn’t want to waste a trip to the big city, though, so we  went clothes shopping—I bought. Found six outfits that were so cute. Took them all in the fitting room, and came out with three. One other, was a size ten (knew that was not possible, but I tried)—the clerk took my name and number and if she finds a 12 or 14, I’ll buy it. We usually check Marshall’s, Gordman’s, Linens & Things—looking for their bargains. Didn’t have much luck Friday—guess someone beat us to all the good stuff.
  Came on home Friday to attend the Friday Night Musical Program. It was so good to hear the “Sharecroppers”, and especially great to see and hear Ben Hall again. He’s an upcoming star. Ed always said that young man is going far in the music profession. Ben was competing in the younger divisions when “The Substitutes” were runners-up and then winners in the State Farm Bureau Talent Competition back in the early 90s. Christi Hawthorn sang for about 30 minutes, then she had to leave in order to make the Bruce HS Graduation. After she left, Ben took over the lead singer and MC job. Also singing were Steve McGregor (keyboard and violin) and the rhythm guitar player. Daryl Burney played bass and Clay Ashford was on the drums. Christi, Daryl, and Clay are from the original group—all super musicians. After the regular program, they started taking requests. I was amazed that they sang and played for well over an hour and only had to decline one requests. I can’t even remember the title to a song, and this group performed 20 to 25 with no music or words—just memory.
  These musical Friday nights are great. The attendance is super and the food looked delicious. I got there so late that after visiting, the program began and I never did get to the concessions. I have plans to right this Friday night. The Muddy Water Band will be performing this Friday night, so come on out, bring you lawn chairs, and enjoy some great music, delicious food, and wonderful fellowship.
  Monday was a holiday, but we were, as always, were at the Herald, getting another issue ready to send your way Wednesday morning. Was glad we were, because we would have missed visits from several folks.
  First in was Guy Dale Shaw. Dale came by with a couple of pictures, taken at his mother’s 99th Birthday Celebration last Saturday. Her actual birthday was Sunday, the 27th. Happy Birthday Mrs. Shaw. We were reminiscing, when Charles “Barry” Bolen of Florida stopped by. Dale, Barry and I continue to relive prior years. They had played HS sports together. Even though they are a couple of year apart in age, they still competed and both were outstanding sportsmen. Dale’s and my friendship goes back to NW College days—he was a sophomore and I was a freshman. I remember that Dale, and several more sophomores were so helpful to us freshmen during our early college days. Then came to the Valley and found him again and he was still that helpful, caring person. It has been a long and satisfying friendship. I was glad to see him doing so well. Barry’s and my friendship goes back almost as far and it has been great. Lots of our visits have been via letters and phone calls, but during the years, when he’s been in the Valley, he usually stopped by. He’s a terrific artist and now he’s taken up writing. He left a few of his short articles with me and as space permits, I’ll share them—he gave permission. Good to visit with both you fellows, stop in anytime.
  Also in the office for a short visit was Charles Cooper. He was down for the Veterans Day Program. It’s always great to see Charles.

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