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Betty’s Week

    Well, I knew that sooner or later I was going to have to address the beer petition issue. Almost every day I’m questioned as to my stand on the thing, so after praying long and hard about it, here goes.

  As I see it, the issue is a moral one—not legal. We cannot legislate beer out. If we want folks to not drink beer we are going to have to change their wanters—and only God can do that.     

    However, we as Christians, have been given the privilege of helping in His Kingdom’s work. For many years I’ve taught in the the youth department. I’ve also taught young adults and senior adults and on on this issue my technique is the same.  When an opportunity presents itself, I always encourage young folks or adults to stay away from alchol of any type. The statistics of addiction, loss of life, financial loss, family problems (and the list goes on and on) are way to high to experiment with this drug.

  Now having made my position perfectly clear as to the use of it, I’ll go on to say that I don’t think it makes a hill of beans of difference as to whether you can legally buy beer in Yalobusha County. It’s here and it will always be here unless our citizens decide not to drink it.

  I spend a lot of time in Panola County. On my way to Mom’s or Bill’s and Jimmie’s I often stop at Howard’s Grocery to buy a Coke (if I’m out at home). Whether it’s early morning, late night, or anywhere in between, I usually wait in line for several beer purchasers to get checked out—sometimes to the tune of close to, or even over, a hundred dollars. Some of those cars travel on towards Yalobusha County. Another tale-tale sign that beer is being consumed in our county is the huge number of beer cans on our road sides and streets. In the years that we walked Ian and Pepper at noon, I usually carried a sack and picked up beer and whiskey bottles and beer cans. I was constantly teased about my consumption of alchol, because I disposed of these in our garbage cans out back. That’s been almost seven years ago (Pepper died August 20, 2007), but I don’t think the problem has gone away.

    Now I wonder if it were legal to buy beer in our county if the consumers would take it home, drink it there, and put the cans in their trash? Also I wonder if it might take some folks who are driving under the influence (trying to consume it all before coming back into Yalobusha with an illegal substance) off our highways?

  As for the tax revenue, this is certainly no reason to legalize beer. Money should never be the primary reason for any action of this type.

  Now you’ve heard my reasoning on the subject and my advice is this—pray long and hard about your stand on this issue. Then, vote as God directs. That’s exactly what I plan to do.


  Our little showers last week were great—didn’t have to water for two or three days. However, we badly need a lot of rain, preferably a long gentle one.

  I was at Mom’s on Saturday and we were watching Chanel 9 News at six. Looked like it was raining in WV and I got so excited. Told Mom that I could stay an extra hour, since I didn’t have to water. This made her happy, because she likes being at home and with Carolyn and Bo on vacation she was having to spend her nights at Bill’s and Jimmie’s. I took her on to her B&B about seven and found Bill all showered and in clean clothes. Jimmie, on the other hand, looked like a mud ball, with hair dripping. Bill advised her to get in the shower because guests might drop by and he didn’t want them to see her in such a state. Her reply was, “I’ll just tell that you made me do all the work today, while you bossed and stayed clean!” In almost 41 years, you’d think Bill would have learned that you can’t get anything on that gal.

  Came on home and found that not a drop of rain had fallen on the hill—guess I live to close to the Lafayette County Line. However, Brother Rance reported that they had a great rain in Oxford—even delayed the Ole Miss Game.


  After church Sunday, it was back to Mom’s for lunch and the afternoon. After the dishes were done, Jimmie needed some items from a garden center, so we urged Mom to go with us. She says, “Belive I will, I need a change of scenery.” She decided that she’s just sit in the car and wait for us, but Jimmie rememberd that she bought Mom a new wheelchair awhile back and says, “Mom, you really need to go inside with us—you’ll love seeing the beautiful plants.” Mom went on with, “I really dont’ feel like waking that far in this heat.” Jimmie finally persuaded her to ride in the wheelchair, after we joked that we’d push her into the garden center, ride her around a bit, and then she would push one of us back to the car. She got a good laugh at this and actually agreed to get in that thing for the first time. After our outing, Mom admitted to it being great fun and that we’d have to do that again, soon. We’re making progress!

  I spent the night with her Sunday night, so she could sleep in her own bed. Came on home early Monday morning and it was great. Only had to battle the sun and I had my sunglasses (that’s always a miracle), squirrels, rabbits, turtles, and an occasional skunk, ‘possum, and coon—no school buses!


  Shortly after I arrived at work Monday, Mel called in and sounded like death warmed over. She has a terrible bug and so we’re producing a paper short-handed this week. David and William are really working hard to take up the slack and they’re doing a great job.

  This is being written early Tuesday morning and Mel just walked in the door—she still sounds about the same and should have stayed home. I’m trying to convince her that we really can get out a paper without her—it’s not easy, but it can be done. Why, they probably can get one out without me. That’s a joke folks.


  Heard that there was another great Music in the Park Program last Friday night. I was sorry that I had to miss it.

  Presenting the program this week will be “MLC”, with Joe Fonte of Water Valley and Terry Lyon of Grenada. I’m sure this will be great. Come on out, the music will begin at 7:30, but come early for some great food. Hope I can make this one.

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