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Betty’s Week

Last Monday morning Phyllis and Bobby Blount brought the cutest little Boston Terrier for us to keep until his owner could be found or in lieu of that a proper adoptive  home could be determined.

  This little dog had been my dream dog all of my life. I’ve always had spaniels and have  loved them, but a Boston Terrier was what I really wanted and one just never came into my life—until last week. Well he was mine for three whole days and we became great friends. He is the best dog I’ve ever been around—with not a single bad habit. When I had to work, he sat by my chair. When we could play he was ready and we enjoyed as much leisure time as possible during the short time we were together. He never barked, even though there was a steady stream of folks in and out of the office all three days. Most everyone who came by would have liked to have had him as a pet. He seemed to know who the dedicated dog lovers were and would put his feet up on them—didn’t jump, just reached up for some petting. He ate, we walked and just had a great time. Couldn’t find a harness in the Valley, so I put a collar on him. Didn’t like this, but with this dog it didn’t matter—he never pulled. We walked at my speed. Don Holloway came by and he loves dogs as much as I do—he fell in love with this one, also.

  First person in, who said, If you don’t find his owner, I want him was Billy Ford, and that’s where he’d have found a great home, had his owner not been located. Could have placed at least a hundred like him.

  Early Thursday morning, though, I got a call from Prentiss Clements of Greanda. He described this dog down to almost every hair. His name is Rockerfeller and he apparently got into the car with someone out on Enid Lake, then wound up on Blackmur Drive. Prentiss was visiting Thomas Schmitz and they had been out to the lake. Tommy saw the ad and called Prentiss and then Tommy and his little boy came for Rockerfeller and there was joy when the child and dog saw each other—they’d oviously played together many times.

  Just as Tommy was taking Rockerfeller away, Phyllis was at the Post Office. She ran over to tell him goodbye.

  I’m glad he’s back at home, but I sure do miss him.

  He didn’t leave my care though without a lot of advice (well might have been a little stonger that that). Told Prentiss to put a harness and tags on our dog. If he’s just lost this will help, if he’s stolen it won’t. Also told him that if he ever wanted to part with him, he was to bring him back to me.

  Have three notes that I’ll share. They came with subscription renewals and they’re from folks with lots of Valley ties.

  First, from Judy Mathis Bush of Ft. Worth, Texas, comes: “Hope everything is going well in the Valley and with all of you. I hope we get to come in August for Tom and I always enjoy seeing everyone.” For you new comers, Judy, a native of the Valley, was in Turnage Drug Store for many years, before her marriage to Tom. We all knew and loved her and we’ve come to love Tom, after forgiving him for taking her away.

  Next comes from Martha McMillan of Kingwood, Texas, who writes: “Hope everyone is doing fine. I am doing good. I still miss Water Valley—it’s home. Best wishes to all.” Martha, also a Valley native, spent most of her life in the Mechanics Bank. She was also known and loved by all of us.

  From Lawrence Pass of Reno, NV, comes this note: “The weather here is crazy. Had four inches of snow on May 4th. Then it got hot and on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (this was written June 9) it got below freezing with snow down to the 6000 feet level. It was beautiful to look at. We live at 5220 feet and only had a few snow flakes. I look forward to getting the Herald, even though the deliery is eratic, ranging from a week to six weeks afterit’s published.” Lawrence is also a native, but had already left the Valley when I arrived. However, there are still folks here who remember him.

  I always enjoy hearing from our subscribers, and wish we could print every note we receive.

  Rain is great, even though it’s making my grass grow again. The stuff looked completely dead—even my weeds, Bermuda and St. Augustine. My yard really looked like December. On the hill I’d not gotten the last several rains that had fallen in the Valley. First moisture came last Friday, then again on Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday morning—probably close to four inches total. More will still not be to much. 

  Folks in Panola County (Pope and Courtland) did not receive the rain we got Friday and Saturday. First rain at Mom’s came late Sunday aftenroon and it was only a gentle sprinkle. Haven’t talked to her since leaving about seven Sunday, but the report from Mel, who lives in Courtland, also, is that they got rain on Monday and are getting it this (Tuesday) morning.  I’m glad, because they needed it worse than we did. David reported rain in Holcomb yesterday and today, first they’ve had. Brother Rance, who lives in Oxford, says they’d had rain for several days now.

  Carolyn and Bo vacationed in Arkansas and Oklahoma recently and they were in rain. Celeste and Jim were in Ohio and they also were in rain there and traveling to and from. They also report that New Mexico continues to receive more than their share of rainfall.

  Hopefully our drink of water came in time to help the farmers. I’m sure it will help the cotton and maybe the corn is not to far gone.

  Happy First Birthday to John Lee McMinn today (June 19th), son of Jennifer and Lee.

   John is a very special little boy to me. He was born on my favorite day—Ed and my anniversary—and his parents have always been two of my favorite folks.

  Jennifer says John likes frogs and that his birthday cake is a giant frog. Didn’t know this until yesterday. So I find John and I have another thing in common. I’ve always liked frogs—played with them all my life. As those of you who read this column know, at present I have a tree frog living on my front door and a toad on the front porch. I don’t think it’s because they love me, rather they enjoy eating the bugs that come to the porch light.

  Daryl Burney was in yesterday and encouraged me to attend the final Music in the Park Program Friday night. He says that presenting the program is a really great Blue Grass Group. I hope I can make it.

  This series of musical programs was the brainchild of Joe Newman and they have been really well received. Each week I hear numerous comments about the great fellowship, food, and music that these events have provided. Thanks for the effort Joe, and thanks to all the talented folks who have given their time to present these programs.

  Congratulations to our Little League Teams, who have represented WV so well in post season play. There will be action on the home field this week, so if you get a chance come out and cheer them on.

  Another thunderstorm seems to be rolling in, so I’d better wrap this column up and shut my computer down.

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