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On The Mudline

Crowder High School

A couple of weekends ago Nannette and I attended our second school reunion of the year.      At this one I was sort of an unknown—although most of those people probably did not know, I was a member of their Board of Trustees.  One of the trustees had resigned and I was asked to fill the (appointive) position.  As it happened, during that time Nannette had an “attack” of inner ear trouble and I substituted for her during the illness, six weeks.  All I can say is “I loved it,” so much that when the opportunity presented itself—because we chose to grow into the cattle business—I became a teacher—I thought, for a short time. If I had been told that I would be a retired teacher in the late eighties I would have laughed.  

My Indian Chief

I often say that I can have my own doctor, lawyer or Indian chief—yes I have a half Indian young man whose origin was “Peter Brown Hill,” as a former student.  He’s really not a chief but develops theme parks and then sells them.  I told about his father and brothers (Ray’s uncles) turning over in their truck, beneath my tree playhouse many years ago.  

One of Ray’s sisters (Betty) was at the reunion (she’s moved from New Mexico to Nashville where her daughter lives). Betty told me that Ray is currently in Corpus Christi, Texas with a theme park ready to sell.  Betty owned a nursing home in New Mexico and is called for consulting work in the business now.

Former Faculty Members

We enjoyed visiting with a couple of former faculty members, Grady Ferguson, who measured my cotton fields in the summer and went on to become County Superintendent of Education in Calhoun County, and J. B. Petrea, business education teacher who retired from Northwest Community College several years ago.  His wife Augustine was with him this year (she is a former student and member of one of the classes).      

Coach Ferguson  and his wife ate at the table with us along with “Boo” Harrison and wife. This couple is one of the large farmers of Quitman County and about are about ready to retire.  We talked a great deal with Carol and Harold Williams who are in the process of retiring.  Carol, who we knew as a little girl when we first moved to the Delta, has always said the one thing she wanted to do when they retired was go on an African safari.  Now she says maybe.  

I’m about to forget to mention that as I sat down I saw, sitting at the table across from me, my friend Betty Shearer, who almost always answers the phone when I call the Herald—she too is a graduate of Crowder High School.  It is always great to meet and discuss the careers of those people whom you became so close to as they grew up.  We enjoyed remembering our earlier days.  

Do have a great week.  By the way we’re not hoping for rain. The boys are cutting hay—on the north side of the place. Most of it is already sold. Other than that we’re going to have a great one too.  

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