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Race Tallies To Be Displayed At City Park

By David Howell


WATER VALLEY – Tri-Lake Fairground Association will sponsor “Scoreboard” at the City Park in Water Valley Tuesday night, August 7.
  County-wide election returns will be posted by precinct for all county offices – as each precinct is counted on election night.  Blackboards, containing all candidates for all county offices, will be hung on the tennis court fence facing the gazebo, as in past years.
  Everyone is invited to bring your lawn chairs and come to the gazebo in City Park on election night.
    “Come early and enjoy the concessions,” event coordinator J.C. Womble encourages. Grilled hamburgers,  hot dogs, and cold drinks will be offered.
    The counting is anticipated to be much quicker than in previous years, after the county updated its machines following the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA).
    “We are anticipating the votes  to be counted by 8:30 on election night,” Circuit Clerk Daryl Burney estimated.
    With the possible early finish  Womble urges everyone to come early and see the election returns as they are received at the scoreboard.
    “I can remember in past years, before the new voting machines were purchased, the counting lasted until midnight, or later,” Bobby Murphree recalls.
      Murphree will also be announcing other state-wide races over the public address system during the night.

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