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Cummings and Goings in Agriculture

Yes, it’s hot, but at least we had a mild July and plenty of rain.  Those rains got our pastures back producing, made some hay, saved our lawns, and put our row crops in position to produce an outstanding crop.      
While we would like it a bit cooler with a couple of rains, the weather conditions have gone from the brink of disaster to conditions we can live with.

Quick Horticulture Tip:
Be sure to heed the heat advisory warnings when working in the garden.  The high humidity levels make it hard for perspiration to cool your body and always remember the temperatures the weather people report are taken in the shade.  Those last 10 tomatoes aren’t worth a trip to the emergency room.
Please note:  The final Tri-Lakes Western Horse Show will be this Saturday, August 11. The judged show will start at 2 p.m. with the running show starting no earlier than 6 p.m.
Our 4-Her’s participated in the Southern Regional 4-H Horse Show in Memphis last weekend.  While the results were not wanted, this was a couple of firsts for these kids.  
This was Yalobusha County’s first time to qualify a horse judging team for the regional show as Casey Byford, Haley Morris, Shae Oates-Ward, and J.W. Pipkin represented Mississippi.      
Pipkin also became the first gaited exhibitor from Yalobusha County to qualify for the regional show.  Before the gaited horses had classes at the regional horse show, Eddie Jarrell, Sara Lynn Tartt, Jackie Laurie, and Paul Craig dominated the gaited classes at the state 4-H Horse Show.  
Since then Yalobusha County has not had this quality of gaited horses, but now J.W. Pipkin, Delta Gill, and Shae Oates-Ward have become a force to be reckoned with in the gaited classes.
Attention hunters!  If you are planning a dove field, you may want to attend the Dove Food Plot Demonstration and Field Day for Private Landowners and Hunters on August 11,  at 8 a.m. at the Pontotoc Ridge Flatwoods Experiment Station in Pontotoc.  
Admission is free with registration.  It is open to the public, but everyone is asked to register on-line at

Field Day for Private Landowners and Hunters
What you’ll learn:
• How to plant, manage, and legally manipulate crops and native plants to attract Morning Doves;
• Ways to manage a meaningful hunt for fun and profit
• Legal methods of field preparation to eliminate wildlife violations;
• Ethics of attracting wildlife for hunting purposes;
• Incorporating proven techniques to provide ideal dove feeding areas;
One-on-one question and answer with professionals:
Wildlife Biologists from Mississippi State University and Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks  Enforcement officials from Mississippi Department of Wildlife Fisheries & Parks and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Pontotoc Ridge-Flatwoods Branch Experiment Station is located about 7 miles south of Pontotoc on Mississippi State Highway 15.

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