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Hello everyone I hope you are having a good week.  

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Watermelon Carnival and I am sorry that business kept me from attending the ceremonies Thursday and Friday nights.  

My first stop was at the museum where I met old friend, Charles Vanderburg who was in my graduating class.  Inside, Ernie Aune, Teresa and Raiford Edgar, and Curtis Berry were doing a great job of cooking and serving everyone – even though they were short handed.  

Old friend, Jim Allen signaled me to sit at their table.  I had barely sat down when someone called my name and it was Pat McNamee, and I got to meet his wife and spend a few minutes with visiting.  

Jim and Alice were ready to leave, but they stayed long enough for us to do some catching up.  Richard Baird came by and we had a few minutes together and I saw Eddie Nelson cone in and also spent a few minutes with him.  

By this time Curtis had brought my breakfast and since I had been up since five, I was really hungry.  Usually I don’t eat breakfast but I did justice to that one and it was great.  

As I was leaving, D.C. Morgan and Bob Mathis stopped by to talk and I followed them to Turnage Drug Store.  There I got to sit down with Wade Doolin and Jim Oakley.  When I got to the park I was lucky enough to find a parking place close.  

The first person I saw at the Park was old friend, James Knox Baddley.  He had two chairs and invited me to take one until Maxine got there.  I must confess that I sat in the shade and didn’t walk through the park.  

Earl Babb and Henry Pearce came by and someone tapped me on the shoulder and it was Robert Samuels.  I said, “Heck Samuels” and he smiled and said “when someone calls me ‘Heck’ –  I know we go way back.”  He and his brothers, “Freck”, Billy, “Snow” and sister, Geneva all rode the Camp Ground bus for several years.  Robert is a retired professor at Ole Miss and seems to be in good health.

I saw Evelyn Hamblett sitting by herself and I walked over and had a long conversation with her.  Her father, Edgar Black drove the school bus I rode the last two years I went to Camp Ground.  Clay Ashford came by and I asked about John but I never got to see him.

I called Jim Peacock and he wanted us to go to the antique car display at Odie Shuffield’s  and we drove down and the first person we saw was my cousin Aaron Baddley and his wife and son and two grandsons.  

Aaron is a mechanical genius and had some of his creations on display.  His main hobby is building scale models of steam engines.

We walked through the rows of old cars and it was remarkable how fully restored some of them were.  

It would take another column to list all the different models, but there was a couple of 1937 Chevrolets, including one that had been converted to a hot rod.

There was a 1931 Model A Ford pickup and the owner gave us a detailed background on the vehicle.  He found it in a barn where it had been for nearly forty years and it had some of the original tires, and the engine had been completely overhauled.

I met Odie for the first time and I plan to interview him as he has so many antiques as well as old cars.

I only regret that I didn’t have more time with each of my old friends, but it would take more than one day to get around.  

Bear with me this week as I’m still excited about all the people I got to talk to and I hope that I didn’t fail to mention anyone.  The great thing about all these visits is that everyone that spoke to me mentioned how much they enjoyed this column –  that really made my day.

My email address is or write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, Tn 38101 so let me hear from you, and have a great week.

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