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Betty’s Week

At the top of my list this week is urging all qualified voters to get out next Tuesday and vote. We only have one contested race left in Yalobusha County—the matter of electing a sheriff to serve for the next four years. I know that both Incumbent Lance Humphreys and Opponent Jamie Caldwell will appreciate your coming out and voting. Whichever is elected would enjoy going into the office with a mandate of the entire electoral body of this county—if winning by a landslide or by only a few votes. It will not take much of your time and I’m sure the poll workers will not care if you come in you gardening clothes, field clothes, housecleaning attire, or whatever—just come VOTE! I really do hear many excuses for not voting as being, “I just didn’t want to get dressed and them have to go home and get back to work.” Others often heard are: “I forgot!”; “I just didn’t have time.” “One vote is not going to make a difference.” None of these are valid reasons—you have a vote and you need to cast it, no matter what the election is for.


  After enjoying his visit to the hot, not so humid, south, Jim is back in NM and this week is back in school. However, he did have a last southern fling, after returning home. He made Celeste some fried chicken (and I suspect it was probably more for Jim). He called, we ran through the directions, he purchased a whole chicken, prepared it and then fried it according to Mom’s (handed down from MamMaw) recipe. After preparing and eating the bird, he called again. Said, “Well mine was pretty good, but the batter was extra crunchy—actually downright hard.” Immediately, I inquired as to what flour he had used. Sure enough he’d battered with plain flour. Told him to hide that stuff, as it was only good for pie crust, some cookies and breads. Go out and get some Martha White Self-Rising Flour—great for biscuits and breading. I also use it for my pie crust and most cookies. Jim and I do have fun cooking via Ma Bell (Ma AT&T just won’t cut it).


  William left us on Thursday and I sure do miss him. He’s now the news editor for the Greenwood Commonwealth. I know he’s going to do a great job for them. He was my early morning person—we usually started the day with my hearing all the great stuff he’d learned and with me giving him advice—probably not very good advice, but he was the only child around so he got it. Early on he accepted that he was going to be my adopted Grand and he knows I’m expecting great things from him—I’m confident of not being let down. I’m not the only one who misses him—Many have called or been by to express how much they miss him. He has promised to come to see us as often as possible and maybe take in some athletic events.


  I was the last of the Herald personnel to leave Friday. Early that morning I’d driven in, parked in my spot, and had not moved the van since. When I started home, the engine turned over once and then everything went blank—no lights anywhere and not even a click, click, click. Called Al Davis—no answer. Then I tried Brother Bo. He was on a job, but Carolyn answered. She got him on his cell and he tells me that it probably is a dead battery, that he’d come right on over with a new one if necessary. By this time Al and Betty had gone inside—they’d been out watering—called me back and Al came on down. He tried to jump the van off, to no avail. Then Stan Crow came and had a super little device that got the thing started, but I let it go dead. By this time I had Pastor Ken, Kevin Herrera (learn that he and Gail have a new baby) and lots of other Vallians stop to assist. Do appreciate all the help and offers of help. Bro. Ken got it started again and Al drove it home, with Becky, Betty, Stan and me following. He reported that I’d never have made it—the battery was completely gone and it was running on the alternator.

  Stan came out Saturday morning, we went for a new battery, he put it on, then took it for a trial run. I made it safely to Mom’s and so far it’s doing fine.

  The weather continues to be the big news all over the U.S. and elsewhere. Felt for all those who were experiencing flooding. As I watched TV Saturday at Mom’s I was amazed that more people had not lost their lives as the floods were so widespread and devastating. Having gone through two floods during my years in the Valley, I know what havoc water can cause.

  Then we got to Hurricane Dean, which I did not even know existed until Saturday afternoon when I was peeling potatoes at Mom’s. I always sit with her in front of the TV when I have a chore like peeling or chopping. The Weather Channel was on and they were showing folks on the beach in Jamaica. Several couples were being married, others were playing on the beach or swimming in hotel pools. All the while the weather forecaster were telling them that this fierce storm would hit where they were in about 24 hours. They seemed totally unconcerned. I don’t think I’d have been there in the first place, and certainly if I had been, I would have been packing and heading for an airport.

  I have not seen the damage done there—when I’m home I rarely get to the news and I forget to turn on the Weather Channel.

  Local weather was only very high winds and a few drops of rain. Again, I came out of Mom’s kitchen, which has only one small window that houses an AC—so no outside visibility. Looked out the picture window and could only see a wall of leaves and dust. I braved this to see what sort of cloud was producing all this. Didn’t look that bad, but the wind continued. I expected to see completely bare trees when it subsided, but there were still leaves. My car windshield looks like it’s had a mud bath, though, with the few drops of rain catching most of the dust that hit it. Do need to get it washed.

  Going back to Mom’s for lunch on Sunday, I finally remembered to take Jimmie her piece of art purchased at the Watermelon Carnival. I got the thing into the van, but could not close the hatch. Couldn’t get the it off my back seat headrest, so I just let the back seat down, with the clock attached. I was hoping Bill had a hack saw, just in case we had to demolish either van or art to get it out.

  Bill met me with a smile, and says “What do we need or are you just willing to ride that piece of art around until you get rid of that van?”  

   We opened the hatch and found the thing in pieces. It hinges in the middle, thus making it easy to load. Well Sister and I are not the brightest lights in the string. When I first saw it, I panicked, thinking I’d totally wrecked her precious art, Was sure glad to see the pins and slots that held it together. Was easy to put back together and now if it EVER needs to be transported again we know how.


  Monday was not a good day. I woke up with what I was sure was an abscessed tooth. Called Dr. Barry and they worked me in. Christy took my history and was amused, as was Barry, at my the listing for my last dentist. It was Dr. Ordie King, whom I’d seen in July of 1975. Dr. Ordie died in 1984 and had left his practice in the early ‘80s I think. They were also surprised (as was I) that my teeth were in no worse shape than they are. Actually I only had an infection in the gum at the base of the tooth and a filling with some decay which needs replacing. We enjoyed a great visit, Christy took x-rays and removed some of the infection. Dr. Barry put me on antibiotics for several days before he fixes my problem. I do appreciate these fine folks. Barry was Ed’s dentist and since mine was no longer available he got elected.

  The day gets worse! Late in the afternoon (almost 5) a friend came in to ask if I knew I had a flat. Didn’t. When I parked early in the morning, all tires were fine. Called Defer’s Auto Care and found that Bubba had to go out-of-town, leaving Michael alone. After closing the shop, he came down, put my spare on the ground, took the bad tire to repair and replace this morning. I got home and back to work safely. I do appreciate this above and beyond service. You can’t beat the Valley for having helpful folks.


  Have enjoyed a number of visits this week.

  Judge David Chandler (Court of Appeals of Mississippi) and his wife came by and they are delightful folks. They both enjoy visiting the Valley and I told them several places to enjoy food and we discussed many issues in our state.

  Was sorry that I missed Anne and Dale Knuth, Huck and Tony, of Shelton, Washington when they visited the Valley. They’ll just have to come back.

  This morning (Tuesday) Rodney Childress came by to pay Son Rod’s and Friend Charlie Rotenberry’s subscriptions. Got to see pictures of two of his great-grands (one was Rod’s and the other Jan’s). He also brought me up-to-date on Sister Cathryn. She’s 91 years old and is giving up her home to enter an assisted living facility. Says they’re having a time finding places for all her pretty things. “Miss Cathryn” taught Youngest Brother Don in First Grade. She is also a member of the Pope Women’s Club, of which Sister Jimmie is currently president, so I see her from time to time. “Miss Cathryn” is the Ludie of Pope.

  Lloyd Defer was in this morning and we had a good visit. While looking at pictures on the bulletin board, we reminisced about Ludie, Ed, Pepper, and the Bank of Water Valley. He shared a little of what he knew about Ed’s death. As I hear bits and pieces of this, I continue to wonder just why he was where he was and why it happened as it did. As Ludie always said, “You’ll know all about it when you get to Heaven!” Guess I just have to accept that fact. Yesterday (the 20th) was the 7th anniversary of Pepper’s death.


  Sent out many subscription reminders last week. Several have called to tell me that they’d already paid and many have apologized for being so tardy. I apologize for not doing a better job of keeping my records and for being tardy sending out notices. We do appreciate your subscribing. If I’ve made an error just call and tell me and if your late in making a payment, I’m sorry that I have not reminded you in a timely manner.


  One more blurb and then I have to wind up my book, if we’re to get a paper in the mail this week.

  Talked to Friend Marvel Surrette in Missouri. She sent us an e-mail of her and G. H.’s 50th wedding anniversary on the 6th. We failed to receive it. Told her to send it again and hopefully it will arrive and be included in next week’s edition.

  Marvel says they are now receiving their paper on Saturday, following publication. Was good to visit with her.


  Jim just called and says he got his paper today, so looks like the improved routing is going to continue to expedite delivery.


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