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It’s Time To Take Imported Fish Off The Grocery List

   Saturday afternoon we were pleasantly surprised with a thunderstorm that gave us seven-tenths of an inch of rain and some real relief from the heat. It was not much rain but very much appreciated. Plants, shrubs and trees are suffering from lack of rain. The water they are given from the hose is just not the same as rain water, unless the so called “acid rain” is considered. I have heard some people describe foul scents after a rain shower and some authorities say it is the pollutants in the atmosphere being sent back to the ground by the rain. Thus the so called “acid rain.” If this is true it is a supreme example of what we are doing to the earth given to us by God. We simply have and are abusing the earth by the harmful substances we release on God’s earth. We, to say the least are not very good stewards of the earth.

    I am more concerned than ever about our food supply. I cannot and do not trust imported food from certain countries. After reading what China is putting into the food fed to fish I no longer am willing to eat fish imported from China. This also goes for shrimp which is one of my favorite foods. Some weeks ago Chinese officials were quoted as saying that America should pay more attention to their own food rather that being so concerned about imports from China. I will buy into that statement. Let China keep their food and we will keep ours. I would be very happy to forego any and all imports from China. Given the problems with pet food imported from China which we are told killed more pets than is known –  my distrust for China imports is very high. The imported toothpaste sold by some stores has not given me any more confidence.

    Millions of toys are in homes and we are told that the toys were painted with paint containing lead. Yes, these toys came from China. I suggest giving our people a job making toys and let China enjoy playing with their own. Regardless of the so called “balance of trade” I sincerely believe we can live without Chinese imports. I am not at all sure we can live with them.

    We are trying to adjust with the textile industry being shipped off to Mexico and the people who worked in these factories unemployed. We may as well be ready to see our furniture makers unemployed because China is now taking over the furniture industry. Brookwood Furniture Company in Bruce informed their employees last Friday that in two weeks the factory would close. This really hurts and it is because this Country cannot compete with China as long as our import policy is what it is today.

    I am no expert nor do I claim to be as far as trade with other countries is concerned. But I do believe we are losing our balance as far as trade with China is concerned. I think we need to show concern for our people and jobs before we make laws that take our jobs away. Not everyone is trained for high technology and there should be jobs retained for them.

     I personally will forego fish and shrimp imported from China and leave it for them to enjoy.

    (Billy McCord is a retired school administrator and an Elder in the United Methodist Church. He is Pastor of the Shady Grove UM Church in Calhoun County. and a member of the Calhoun County School Board. Contact him at:

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