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Stay Out of Wal-Mart With Visible Skinny Legs

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week. It just occurred to me that I have failed to mention a very prominent family of Yalobusha County.  It was the Foster Sartain family.  Mr. Foster was born around 1883 and married Pearl Johnsey around 1907.  

Mr. Foster served two terms as Supervisor of Beat 2 during which time the Pine Valley Road, which is now Highway 312 East, existed.  Shortly after their marriage Foster and Pearl lived in the Bethel community. Later  they moved to Memphis where he worked for about a year as a street car operator.  

They moved back to Water Valley, where he farmed and  operated a restaurant that had been owned by his oldest son, Doyle.  It was known as the Peoples Café.

In fact, all three of his sons  operated cafes in Water Valley.   Doyle had an up scale supper club called Woodlawn Gardens for several years. After selling this restaurant, he operated a Gas company for many years.

 Peewee and his wife, the former Frances McDonald, ran a restaurant for many years on North Main near where the police station is now.  Peewee and Frances were a grade ahead of me at Water Valley and Doris “Sissie” was a grade behind me.  

After all these years, on the rare occasions that I talk to her, I still call her “Sissie.”  We always had funny memories when she worked for Martin Boydston in his Drug Store and I would occasionally fill in for him when he would have to leave if Sissie wasn’t there.

Mr. Foster and his parents were members of the Wyatt’s Chapel Methodist church and Miss Pearl was a member of Bethel Baptist church. Mr. Foster died in 1966 after a short illness.  Miss Pearl died in 1977 and at the time of her death was the oldest charter member of the Bethel Baptist Church.

  Some years ago I had asked about information about the Wyatt’s Chapel Church as it no longer exists.  

Several people wrote me and reported that the cemetery is still maintained  and Dr. Jackson, well known doctor for many years, is buried there as well as some of Papa Badley’s Simmons relatives.  

I realize that this column doesn’t have the space to do justice to this family, but it is offered with the utmost respect.  Papa Badley always spoke very highly of Mr. Foster and they even did business together buying and selling cattle.  

Sissie, I would appreciate hearing form you when you have the time.  I have another topic I would like to address and that is the way the so called senior citizens are portrayed by the media and advertisers.      

Invariably they are pictured as old codgers discussing products such as arthritis medicine or a powder to hold their dentures in place.  I’ve reached the age where this is my generation they’re talking about.  Many of us still have our own teeth and if we have arthritis we live with it as no big deal.  Wade Doolin still goes to his shop four days each week and he’s 83.  

I still work every day and although not as old as Wade I’m getting there.  Having said that, I’m going to take to task some of the members of our generation.  I’m offended when I go to Wal-Mart and see old guys wearing baggy shorts displaying their skinny legs for the world to see.  

Come on fellows, let’s show a little dignity here.  I admit in my misspent youth I have been guilty of wearing shorts and as far as I could tell, I wasn’t any cooler than I would be wearing a pair of khakis.  

Nannie Badley had a brother, Elijah Haddox who lived to be 83 and he called on customers until about a year before his death and I never saw him when he wasn’t wearing a three piece suit with a watch chain across his vest complete with shined black shoes.  

Shave every day, get a haircut once or twice a month, wear some crisp khakis and strike a blow for our generation.  My email address is or write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, TN 38101 and have a great week. 

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