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Betty’s Week

 Had a note from long-time friend and subscriber, Jeff Clements of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, last week.

  He writes: “Thanks for the reminder of my subscription renewal. Must have overlooked seeing my name in the paper. In the past sometimes we got skipped, failing to receive our paper for a week or two. However, I must say that since the new routing change in mail service, our paper’s arrival has been vastly improved.

  “Got a favor to ask of you. The last time we talked I casually mentioned that I hadn’t won the Lotto just yet and, you casually replied, ‘Well you will never win that.’ Since then, I have won absolutely nothing. I know that you certainly did not purposely put the ‘’hex’ on me; however, I would appreciate you saying a good luck wish for me. Ha! Ha!

  “Hope to see you sometime soon.”

  Jeff, it was so good to hear from you and to think that maybe I have such power. I’m not letting you off the hook, though, ‘cause I don’t want you to become an addicted gambler. My hex stays. Ha! Looking forward to a visit.


  Finally got the August bills in the mail late Friday. Becky Crow called to invite me to attend the Charleston football game with her and Stan, but I was just too tired and really had some chores that I needed to do. Same reason kept me from the WV/Coffeeville game.

  I washed some clothes and then baked a cheesecake for Brother Terry (Buddy) of Brandon. He was attending the Pearson family reunion (family of his late wife, Janell), along with daughters, Nita Robinson and her daughter, Paige, of Pearl and Lisa McCarthy, and her little son, Seth, from Mobile.

  They came to Mom’s for a visit on Saturday and we all enjoyed lunch together. We’d fried Mom some chicken and fried okra for Nita—found that Lisa also likes this vegetable, as does Jim.

  Before lunch Bo was giving Seth a ride on the 4-wheeler. He told Seth that he could drive and that he’d work the gas. Seth decided he wanted to do the entire procedure, revved it wide open and Bo almost went off the back. I think instructions got a little more emphatic after that. They rode until summoned to the table. Immediately following lunch Seth wanted to ride some more. Bo says, “No, we have to let our lunch settle.” Seth agreed, but then got a bit playful, finding him a cold wet dish towel to torment Bo with. I added to the merriment, by sharing some of my ice. Seth would wrap the ice in his towel, then administer it to Bo’s bald head or his bare arms. This went on for quite a while, before Seth says, “Don’t we have a bigger piece of ice?” We were using the little ice machine cubes. I assured him we did not, but on his next trip I’d have him a big chunk frozen. Next trip will probably be Thanksgiving or Christmas, so Uncle Bo is in for some really chilling fun. Seth is four and we really enjoyed playing with him. Seems but yesterday that Nita, Lisa and Jim were that size—they’re little stair steps, Nita’s 45, Lisa’s 44, and Jim’s 43—and they did have fun when they got together in the early years—still do.

  Back to the cheesecake. While I was cooking lunch, Buddy came into the kitchen and asked, “Sis, do you think you could bake me one of your cheesecakes for tomorrow?” With a frown on my face, I answered, “No!” He looked so surprised or maybe hurt. Then with a smile, I admitted to having one in Mom’s fridge, ready to go. This brought a big laugh. Jimmie made him a pot roast, her famous green beans and some deviled eggs and I also contributed a squash casserole. Since Nell’s death two years ago, we’ve enjoyed helping with his food for the reunion table.

  He gets to return the favor this weekend. We’ll use his B&B when we spend Friday and Saturday at the MS Agricultural Museum. T. J. Ray, Mary Sue and Bennett Anderson, Jimmie and I plan to man the print shop during Celtic Fest. If you are in the Jackson area come out and visit with us—you’ll also enjoy the great music, delicious food, and all the pageantry.


  Our lunch crowd was short at Mom’s Dinner Table Sunday. Brother Rance was ailing, so he and Ginny were absent, Brother Don and Gina had company, and all the grands and great grands must have been celebrating Labor Day. Carolyn, Bo, Mom, Jimmie and I were it, so we just ate way too much.

  Late in the afternoon Mom admitted to not feeling well and asked Jimmie to stay the night. I volunteered for this, so Jimmie went on home. I gave Mom a pill—prescribed by Jimmie and she soon felt much better. She apologized for keeping me from church and insisted that she was all right and that I should go on home. I stayed. We thought we had the house mouse proofed and completely void of all these little critters. Not so—if Betty stays in that house a mouse decides he’ll visit also. Sure enough I was sitting peacefully, watching The Sound of Music, when down hops a little mouse from under the AC onto a table at the end of the sofa, then scampers away. I tried and tried to find the little pest to no avail. Rounded up all the sticky traps in the house and placed them around that sofa, which I was sleeping on. Mom’s guest BR does not have air. In the middle of the night I caught mousy. Pulling the trap across the room, he waked me from a sound sleep. I hopped up and was about to finish him off, when he broke free, ran under the door into the hall and then who knows where. Don’t think he came back into the room with me, though. Little Bit also had a restless night—think the squirrels were tormenting him. He barked most of the night. Mom says she never hears him—guess she’s used to it. Mom was also up several times and when she’s not well it’s like listening for a baby. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. She’s going to be O.K.—just the beginning of a kidney infection and sinuses acting up, causing inner ear problems. These are pretty common with her, but she rapidly responds to the treatments and is soon back to par.

  The wind blew pretty hard Sunday afternoon and it rained leaves again—don’t think we’ll have any for the frost to get.

  Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. David and I did—we stayed completely out of harm’s way, spending the day at the office working. Isn’t that what Labor Day is for?

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