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Drug seizure described as largest in recent history

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY – A Water Valley man remains on the run following a Friday seizure of illegal narcotics from his residence on Walnut Street.
    Authorities have an arrest warrant for Raynard Turner, after executing a search warrant on his residence, according to Yalobusha Sheriff Lance Humphreys.
    The initial raid Friday was made anticipating that Turner would be at his residence.
    Turner is currently out on bond for a felony drug possession charge after a Yalobusha deputy stopped Turner earlier this year. During the traffic stop, the deputy uncovered alleged narcotics.
    “We had plenty of manpower when we arrived at the residence,” Humphreys said.
    Water Valley Police Officers, an agent with the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and an Oxford Police Strategic Response Team assisted the sheriff’s department, surrounding Turner’s house during the initial raid Friday.
    Although Turner had already left his home, authorities were able to seize a large amount of illegal narcotics, vehicles and an assortment of other items logged as evidence.
    Narcotics seized included almost two pounds of apparent marijuana, 1.2 ounces of alleged crack cocaine and powder cocaine. Also seized was an extremely large assortment of pills. Six vehicles were also seized from the front yard of the Walnut Street home.
    “We have been working on this case for more than six months,” an elated Humphreys said at the end of the day Friday.
    Humphreys added that he felt Turner was in the area and would be nabbed soon.
    “The most important thing is to put together a strong case that the District Attorney can win a conviction with,” Humphreys said. “Physically catching him will just be a matter of time.”
    The search warrants were obtained after officers were able to use a coded informant to make multiple narcotic purchases at the Walnut Street house.
    After the bust, Water Valley officers and deputies spent hours poring through the evidence.
    “We weren’t looking for the alcohol, but I wasn’t surprised when we seized more than a 100 bottles of whiskey, and numerous cases of beer,” Humphreys said.
    Other evidence collected at the scene included pedigree charts for pit bulls, and two guns.
    “This is one of the biggest seizures from a house in this area in a long time,” Humphreys said, adding that many of the products were being sold from this location – including the whiskey, beer and cigarettes.
    “We have a ton of evidence to pick through. This bust will be a big help to drug enforcement in our county,” Humphreys said.
    “This bust was made possible with team effort,” Humphreys continued. “This is an example of the departments in the county working well together.”
    “We also would like to thank Oxford for sending their manpower on quick notice,” the sheriff stated.


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