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Betty’s Week

Betty’s Week

by Betty Shearer

    Weather is again the prime topic of conversation in our area. With rain the latter part of last week, came some much cooler weather and it is delightful. I’ve had my AC off and have even pulled up a blanket several nights. At Mom’s though, you still need air, even if it’s cold outside. We turn on that stove—oven and eyes—and the temp in her little house will soar even on the coldest of days.

  Saturday I ran late for lunch, so it was fast food. I fried her some chicken, with gravy and biscuits, and made English peas and potatoes in white sauce (one of my favorites) and we called it lunch. Cooked enough for ten or so, but no one showed up. Jimmie did finally amble in and Bo stopped by for a chicken leg in the afternoon. We all munched on peaches, green grapes, cantaloupe, plums and other fruits which came from Larson’s and they were super good. We also have had vine ripened tomatoes from their market that were better than any we got out of the garden this year. I know this will all come to an end shortly, but  they’re sure delicious now.

  I have hummingbirds on the hill—first time ever, I think. Have a Mandevilla blooming from top to bottom and they really like this plant. They’re the tiny little variety—not much bigger than a bumblebee.       I also have a new tree frog. He’s also a miniature or a baby—about an inch long. My sink is in front of the kitchen window and when I’m washing dishes, the little fellow sits about eye-ball height and watches me. He has more personality, will turn his head to follow me and has the most expressive eyes. I also have a baby Chameleon, probably a couple of inches long.

  My deer have been so good this year, even with the extreme drought. They’ve not eaten a single plant, until the rain came last  week. I didn’t have to water for a couple of nights, so I did not look at the plants. Saturday night, I found my beautiful Angel Wing Begonia demoted to a lone stalk—not a leaf or a bloom left. Now they’ve begun to graze on the roses and Hydrangeas. Often though, when the deer decide to prune my plants they come back bigger and better—will just wait and see.


  Debbie Lockwood called yesterday (Monday) to tell me her mother, Kathryn Wilkey, has cancer and that she is moving to be near them. For many years Mrs. Wilkey has lived in Arkansas City, Kansas. Gary and Debbie live in Omaha, Nebraska. Debbie says that Kathryn’s spirit is great, but that they would appreciate being put on our prayer lists. It was good to hear from them and we just pray for a speedy recovery for Kathryn.


  Also enjoyed a phone visit this morning from another former Vallian. Marguerite Miles (Mrs. Jimmy), who now lives in the Starkville area, called to asked about the baked fudge recipe that I’d mentioned recently. Margureite says that she has made the lemon freeze dessert and wanted to try the fudge. It is fun to cook over the phone.

  Caught up a little on her family. Two older children live in the Starkville area, also, and the youngest has just moved back to Senatobia, where the Miles family lived for many years. When Ed and I were first married, Fay Ross was a member of a Rook Club and if they needed a fill-in, I would go play with them. Marguerite was in this group and this was our first meeting. She was one of the prettiest women I’ve every known—looked more like a movie star than a Valley housewife. Last time I saw her she was still a beauty and I’m sure she still is. It was so good to visit with her. She reported that they’d finally made a Watermelon Carnival and really enjoyed it, in spite of the extreme heat.


  Have a few notes that have come with subscription renewals over the past week that I’d like to share.

  First is from Bob Pinkerton from Chicago.

  “My Aunt Mattie Pinkerton called to remind me that my name was under hers for subscriptions due. Just wanted to let you know that I am now getting my Thursday paper on Monday morning!”

  From George Gafford in Apoka, Florida comes, “Your new arrangement with the USPS is working great! I am consistently receiving the paper on Saturday—2 days after the publication date!”

  From Roy Dean Prestage of Madison, Wisconsin comes, “Hello Betty, Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy receiving the Herald, reading your column as well as the news from my home community of ‘Mount Liberty’. Thank you for helping ‘keep me in touch’ with the people and area that means so much to me.”

  Vangie Fields of Tupelo used note paper, headed by the cutest little Schnauzer. She writes, “Hi Betty, This is Max V. Tell Paul and Charlotte (Parker) that I have another little dog. I can’t believe it has been a year since you did such a wonderful job on Guy’s (Reedy) birthday! Time flies when you are happy and old. I turned 80 Monday. I still think of the Valley as home.”

  It’s always great to hear from our former Vallians and all our subscribers. We appreciate your taking the time to drop us a line.


  Sunday night we at Woodland Hills heard a great message by Bro. Roger Howell. His life experiences shared and other illustrations were  encouraging, enlightening and comforting. He also sprinkled his message liberally with humor, all of which enriched the message given him by the Lord. If you get a chance to hear Bro. Howell, I know you will enjoy it. He’s preaching the revival services at O’Tuckolofa Baptist Church this coming week, beginning September 23rd.

  Our music was again under the direction of Linda Williams. It’s always a joy to sing for Linda and to enjoy her fellowship. Our own pianist, Sammie Cobern, was at the piano. She always does a super job. After refreshments Bro. Roger played the piano for a group that stayed for a sing-along. Think we’d have been there all night, except we all had to go to work on Monday morning.

  We’re looking forward to this week’s service when Bro. Truman Scarbrough will bring the message and Linda and Sammie will again be in charge of the music. We’re also expecting some special music. Come out and join us. The service will begin at 6:15.

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