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Betty’s Week

    Former Vallian Sue Wright Logan of Tupelo called to tell me that Son Clark and his family are moving to Nashville. Clark has been named the new Chief Financial Officer for the Southern Baptist Convention. For several years Clark was the State Farm Insurance Agent in Water Valley. His mother grew up here—daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Wright—and his father is Bruce Native Blue Logan. Sue’s father, Woody, worked for Blu-Bucks and I knew him from my earliest days in WV. Never saw him without a smile and usually he was up to some amusing mischief. He was one of those Valley Day Brightners and we all loved him. Mrs. Wright was also a lovely person, but I didn’t know here as well—she wasn’t one of the Main Street Family. It was so good to visit with Sue and we’re looking forward to keeping up with Clark and his family.


  Last week several announcements and pictures failed to get into the paper. We do apologize for this. Some of them were in a time frame that aloud us get them into this week’s edition, but a couple were not. We are so sorry that these errors can’t be corrected.


  A couple of questions that I’m being asked on a regular basis are:

  “When is the increase going into effect for paper subscriptions?” October 1st is the date and yes you can pay in advance at the old rates—however you only have Thursday and Friday to get this done. We do appreciate all of our subscribers. Most remark that they don’t see how we’ve kept our rates as low as we have thus far and some are already sending in the new amounts. Thank you so much.

  The other question is: “When are you moving into the new building?” Well that’s going to be some time yet, modifications to the new home are now in progress, but we don’t know how long it will take.         We’ll notify you well in advance of the new location, which for those of you who don’t know about this move, it is into the old Top Dog Building. This building is just two doors south of where the Herald was when I came into the family—I think it was Harold Cook’s Building back then. Jack Gurner, who also was a Herald employee in the old building (in his teen years) and I have discussed this and he doesn’t remember, so I’m on my own—if I’m wrong please set me straight.

    The building was renovated in more recent years by David Wilson, whose air conditioning business was housed there. It’s fun to walk down Main Street and try to remember what was in each building when I came to town fifty years ago. Usually Mr. Parker, Snooky, or Bobby Suratt can fill in the blanks—I can only remember the major businesses. Not surprising though, since they rarely let me out of the Herald—I had to work all the time. This statement won’t even get me an argument—no one’s left to dispute it.


  Jimmie came over Friday morning. She was my designated driver to the dentist in Oxford. I was such a bad patient that Barry just sent me on to Dr. Michael Perry. He’s in the process of trying to decide what to do with me. After the visit, which was very pleasant (Dr. Perry and his staff were very nice), was completed, we ate lunch at The Creek. We always go there for their fried green tomatoes—and Friday I think they served the best I’ve every eaten.  After lunch we shopped in our favorite antique mall (The Mustard Seed), only it is now a new business, Sugar Magnolias. They directed us to the new location of The Mustard Seed. In both malls we found several cute items for Bridge prizes and some for our own houses.

  Arrived back in the Valley to late to do anything useful at the office, so went home to wash a few clothes and dishes and watch a little TV.

  Saturday morning I attended a Building Committee Meeting at the church, then grocery shopped and went to Mom’s to prepare lunch for both Saturday and Sunday. I delegated most of Sunday’s to Jimmie—gave her the roast and veggies to run in the oven before she went to church Sunday morning. I cooked some peas and lima beans and made a fruit salad. We ate left over desserts and Bo cooked broccoli and cheese, made the tea and cooked bread. We do make a fine cooking team.

  Saturday afternoon I made gallons of Chicken and Sausage Gumbo for our after-service fellowship on Sunday night.

  Service Sunday night was awesome. Choir, under the direction of Linda Williams, accompanied by Sammie Cobern, sang extremely well and the congregation singing was also great. Our special music by Dusty McKibben was wonderful. Don’t think I’ve ever heard a greater tenor voice. He is the husband of Randy Martin of Coffeeville. Randy for many years was our waitress at Front Street Grill and we all love her. Told her if I was married to Dusty, he’d have to give up work and just sing to me. Dusty works for a funeral home and often does double duty by singing for the services—I can see why. We told him he was coming back to sing for us again—we didn’t even give him a choice. Bringing the message was Bro. Truman Scarbrough, Director of Yalobusha County Baptist Association. Bro. Truman is an outstanding preacher and his message was truly a blessing. If members of Woodland Hills are not revived it’s not because the Lord did not send us good leadership for these revival services. We do apprciate each of them for coming to be with us.


    The flowers at Woodland Hills are always beautiful. Sunday morning, however, they were exceptionally georgeous—a massive arrangement of cream and pink rose buds, with greenery and baby’s breath. Michael (Redwine), who creates our masterpieces,  says, “Do you like the flowers?”

 Of course I answered, “Certainly, they’re beautiful!”         He says, “Well I did good then. Jim called and told me to put flowers on the altar for you—make them pretty, cost was no object.” Then Michael goes on to say, “But I didn’t do a rose for each year, even though he told me how many.”

    I said, “I’m glad, because the congregation would have had to sit outside—roses would have filled the sanctuary!”

    Flowers were in honor of my 70th birthday, which I survived on Monday—actually enjoyed.     

Received many cards and calls from family and friends and I appreciated all of them—even got a card from my granddogs. Celeste and Jim both called on Monday and even after a card and the roses, a gift arrived from them on my birthday.

    Betty and Al Davis took me out to Sylva Rena Grocery for barbecue last night and then we went by to see Kelli, Chad and Hunter Moore’s new home. When we arrived Hunter topped off my special day by presenting  me a hand made Birthday Card. He gave us a tour of the house, inluding his and the new baby’s rooms which are upstairs. They do have a pretty place and they’re decorating it beautifully.


  I just knew it was going to rain yesterday, but not so. I had to get out this morning and water the plants before they dry up or the deer eat them. I’ve seen three recently—two does and a little spike. They’re in the yard most every afternoon. ß

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