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Wonderful is the only way I know how to describe our weather. No air conditioner at night, just natural cool weather.

Happy Birthday to three dear friends of mine, Hannah Jane Harris who celebrated September 21st, to Sue Weir who celebrated September 24th and to Robert Lee Toole who celebrated September 25th.

Tuesday night your writer along with Shelia McKinney, Greg and Timothy Sullivan attended the Mini Conference “Living in Victory” at the Friendship Baptist church with Angie Self Russell as guest speaker. God is using this young lady as she tells her story about being on drugs and alcohol for several years and how he is helping her day by day as she is in recovery. God Bless you Angie and the lives you are touching and saving through the work you are doing.

Happy belated birthday to Billy Ray Dees who celebrated the 10th, to Tammy Dees who celebrated her birthday the 15th and Happy Anniversary to Rickey and Carolyn Dees who will celebrate September 26.

Willie Havens spent two days in the hospital at Batesville but is home now and feeling much better. I think they told her she was run down and needed a good jacking up. We are proud you are back home and it was nothing serious, Willie.

The three sisters, Pearl Boyles of Water Valley, Ilene Dees of Enid and Josie Bunch of Horn Lake spent the day together Saturday and shopped in Senatobia. I know there was a lot of cuttin’-up going on because they always have a good time when they get together.

Mrs. Nell Smith spent a few days last week with her son, Ronnie Smith and family of Southaven recently.

Margaret Jean Ross is home from the hospital and doing some better.  She had to spend a few days in the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Oxford. She had a good nurse, her daughter, Carol Ross of Oxford came and stayed with her a few days.

Your writer and son, Greg Sullivan went to Jackson Thursday for Greg to get his stitches removed and for his check-up. They will know in three weeks if the medicine he is taking is working for him.

Tony Robinson is on our sick list this week and we wish for him a speedy recovery. Tony is a diabetic and he is having a lot of trouble with his leg.

Happy Birthday to Sandy Beavers Sturdivant on the 29th and Happy belated Birthday to J.D. Baker who celebrated his September 21.           

Homer Melton got a good report from his doctor in Oxford. I know Homer is feeling much better about that and we are proud for you, Homer.

Buddy and Thelma Davis attended  the York family Reunion in Grenada this past weekend. Thelma said the attendance wasn’t as good as it has been. She wasn’t feeling good Sunday so she didn’t get to go back and help them wind things up.

Janie Russel is out of the hospital and doing a lot better. A lot of prayers went up for you Janie and we are glad you are on the road to recovery.

Your writer and a wasp got in a fight Friday and the wasp won. I ended up in the emergency room Friday afternoon.  My hand is still swollen and I am suppose to start on another medicine today. Please be careful when you are out walking in your yard. Those things can hurt when they sting you!

It was good seeing my great niece, Maci McLendon of West Point, at church Sunday morning. Maci was here visiting her daddy, Steve McLendon.

Here is some great news. Garrison Toole just might get out of the hospital this week. A lot of prayers went up for you also, Garrison, and we are looking for a complete recovery for you. I know Katie will wait on you hand and foot. I hope she sings for you. Maybe you will get to come home on your Pappa’s birthday. I know that would tickle Robert Lee.

B.A. McKinney is doing a little better since he came home from the hospital. He has his good days and bad days. There for awhile he was having more bad days.

Martha Toole of Grenada came by Sunday night and visited with us after church Services. We always look forward to Martha’s visits.

Don’t forget Homecoming 2007, “Memories of Days Past”, on Sunday, September 30th. at Tillatoba Baptist Church. Bro. Mike Ramage of Parkway Baptist Church in Hernando will be the guest speaker.

Thought for the day—Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.

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