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Betty’s Week

  Brother Don called last Wednesday to tell me he had returned safely from a primitive weapon deer hunt in Ford, Kan. Don killed a 14-point trophy buck earlier in the week and so he came on home.

    It seems that anywhere Don hunts he crosses paths with Vallians. This hunt was no different. Last week he found Caleb Beard, working as a guide for Ross Outfitters, owned by Perry Ross from Calhoun County. Caleb told Don that he has been a guide for hunts in New Mexico, Alaska, as well as Kansas. Don says, “It is indeed a small world.” Don was very impressed with Caleb, stating that he was a very likable young man and a super guide.


  Played bridge Thursday night and I’m happy to report that I’m still low score champ. Think Thursday I broke my own record. My prize was a Gail Pittman vase, which was a solid color. It is beautiful and it held a beautiful bouquet of flowers which we all though were artificial until Hostess Eve said let me pour that water out so it doesn’t get all over your car. Still thought she was joking until she poured the water out and I felt the flowers. They were so perfect that they looked artificial. We had a great time, with delicious food and great fellowship.

  We only played two tables, since several of us had early morning appointments.

  Jimmie and I had to be at Dr. Michael Perry’s office at 9:30 for me to have a bone graft. I’d been told that this was a piece of cake by several friends. I have to admit it was not as bad as I had imagined, but it was worse than they thought—or maybe I’m just a wimp.

  I read all the info and finally signed the consent form. However, the doctor and I did have a discussion before the procedure continued. He assured me that what I had signed was the absolute worst and that my problem was nowhere close to that. The worst part of the procedure is being “numbed up”. Along with the gum and teeth, my tongue, throat, saliva glands, and maybe even my toes were dead and it took until late afternoon for all of this to wake up. I did live through it though, and am improving each day.

  Another little problem I had was that you’re on a soft food diet and no carbonation. Well, I live on crunchy food (peanut butter) and Diet Coke. This week I’ve eaten Jello, creamy peanut butter, baked and mashed potatoes, soups, ice cream, sherbert, cream pies and puddings, yogurt, potted meat, etc. This is definitely not a weight loss diet. I’ve also had lots of orange juice, milk and water.

  Now to make this diet worse we had scheduled a mass September birthday party for Saturday night—steak and all the trimmings, with homemade ice cream for dessert. Several of our invited out-of-town guests had cancelled, leaving only Betty and Al to come in.

    After we got home, I suggested to Jimmie that we just call off the party. She says, “No, we going on with it, if you don’t feel well you can just sit on the couch—I can take care of the rest.” Betty Davis called and she also suggested postponing the affair. She was emphatically told that the party would be held, to come on over and help.

  I sat on the couch with an ice pack for about 45 minutes, with Jimmie in the kitchen making all kinds of noises. Finally I got up and joined her. She was baking chocolate pies, usually my chore. Her story was that she’d made nothing sweet for Bill all week.

    Well, I thought, this has never bothered her before. I supervised the pie baking and then cleaned up the mess. She can trash a kitchen, even with me making the pies. These were no exception. She let the beater hit a cup holding sugar and corn startch and it went all over that kitchen. I finally just washed everything on the counter and stove and we mopped the floor. One cup of this mixture can go everywhere.

  After pies were completed she was on to making spaghetti. All of this is a little strange. Then about three she says, “I have to pick Joanna (Bill’s niece, who was reported to have  been visiting in Ohio) up at the airport about five, do you think you’re going to be able to ride with me or should I call Carolyn to go.

    As she announced this I had a fleeting thought (like one of those crawl bars on the TV) that maybe Celeste and Jim were coming to surprise me. Dismissed this as wishful thinking, since I’d talked to Jim on Thursday and he had said, “You’re missing the Whole Enchilada Festival.”

    I knew he usually played for this and he’d told me that Celeste was playing with the symphony in Roswell. I was still holding an ice pack and it was to stay on until I went to bed that night. I told her I can hold an ice pack in the car just as well as I’m doing here. So we were off to the airport.

    Jimmie had said that Joanna would call from Atlanta, giving us plenty of time to get to the airport. We were shopping and it was past five and there had been no call. Then the phone rang, it was Jim, but of course I still thought it was Joanna. He was on the ground, so we had to rush. Their wires had gotten crossed. Jim had said,”I’ll call from DFW if I’m running late.” He was on time and we were late. Jimmie parked and ran into the airport to find Joanna. I got out to move to the back seat and met Jim coming down the walk. I was surprised.

    He reported that he’d been standing out waiting for us and we just passed him by. When we went to Mom’s I sent him to the door, while I looked through the window—you should have seen her face. She says, “My goodness, where did you come from?”

    Mom asks almost every week, “When is Jim coming again?” I tell her Christmas—that’s what I thought. Well, Jimmie had explaining to do. She says, “Mother if I had told you there is no way this could have been a secret.”  She didn’t tell anyone except Bill. She had to call Betty and tell her why she had been so calloused about calling off the party—said there was no way, Jim was already in the air. It was a delightful surprise and a wonderful party. I even ate pretty good—baked potato and two bowls of ice cream, with Betty’s fabulous fudge sauce.

  Folks at Woodland Hills were also surprised to see Jim on Sunday morning. Patti let him direct the singing, which he enjoys. Then it was to Mom’s for a fast bite and goodbyes and then to the airport for a three o’clock flight. It was a short, but sweet visit, was just sorry that Celeste didn’t get to come. They’ll both be here for Christmas, though, and as Mom says that isn’t very far off.

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