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With Newly Formed Board, It Is Time For The Work To Begin

With Newly Formed Board, It Is Time For The Work To Begin

 It’s time to go to work!

    We commend the Yalobusha County Board of Supervisors for establishing and funding the nine-person Yalobusha County Economic Development Authority.

    After months (and years) of meetings, the county agreed to fund the economic organization, and a consensus was reached between all of the entities involved. This includes the three municipalities in the county and the five supervisors. While this was no small feat, it is just the beginning.

    With the three city appointments and six county appointments, a working board can now begin work. The first order of business, after formalities are dealt with, will be to advertise and select a manager to promote Yalobusha County in the global economic market.

    The first board meeting in November has been tenatively identified as a starting point for supervisors and the newly appointed board to meet, greet, and get to work.

    Economic development is crucial to Yalobusha County’s future. This nine person board, includes Earl Gibson, Jr., Ray Hawkins, Keith Miller, Walt Moore and Jean Dean Wortham from each of the five supervisor districts. Eddie Ray was selected as the at-large appointment. Water Valley appointed Bob Tyler, and Coffeeville appointed their mayor, Mack Burns to serve.

     With announcements of economic opportunties popping up all across the state, this board and the manager they hire, will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in our county’s future.

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