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Nov. 15, 2007

Your vote counts – or does it?

Water Valley voters put their faith in city alderman during a city election in 2005, as in previous years.

Alderman were elected from each ward and an at-large alderman from the entire town to represent their interests in important decisions made around the board table each month.

This is a duty that should not be taken lightly. If you run for the job it is important to attend city meetings and address the issues.

There have been 11 regular meetings of the Water Valley Board of Aldermen since the beginning of 2007. Each of the aldermen has missed at least one meeting with Charles Harris and Fred White having missed two apiece.

However, there have also been nine special called meetings during the same period. These meetings were held because the topics to be discussed were important enough to warrant a special session of the board.

Lance Clement and Thomas Swearengen have each missed one of these meetings. Sherry Martin has attended all of them. Charles Harris and Fred White have each missed six of the nine special called meetings.

These statistics don’t include the aborted Oct. 19 session that never got off the ground because only Swearengen and Clement showed.

You do the math.

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