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Street Talk

Vandalism Can Drain The Life Out Of Our Town

 by Jessie Gurner

Vandalism is a senseless crime. It’s difficult to imagine why anyone would enjoy destroying someone else’s property.
This past weekend the Water Valley sign on the hillside at the Central Street intersection was vandalized. A few weeks ago the gazebo in City Park was once again badly damaged.
If you think this isn’t your problem, think again.
Vandalism hurts everyone.
Vandalism is expensive.  Local civic organizations and the city spend too much money and effort to make improvements only to have them destroyed.
It is also a gross waste of our resources. Every moment that is spent repairing damage takes away from time that could be spent making positive improvements.
Instead of being able to address other issues, each act of vandalism only serves to place greater strain on our limited resources.
The problems caused by vandalism are just as much a blight as dilapidated buildings and overgrown yards.
Collectively they can drain the life out of our town.
It is not enough for us to just complain about acts of vandalism. We shouldn’t just dismiss it as some senseless act or say, “It‚s a shame, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”  We must all play our part to discourage vandalism and watch over Water Valley.
The police have an entire city to look after, and that means that the chances of catching those responsible for vandalism may boil down to being at the right place at the right time.
You can help stop vandalism by calling 911 to report any crime in progress, including vandalism. If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact the Yalobusha County Crime Stoppers at 1-833-966-TIPS. Email can be sent to

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