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Betty’s Week

    Driving around the Valley over the weekend, I found that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Sunday morning when I went out the front door I discovered that it also felt like Christmas.

  Was in and out all day Saturday, and even though it was rainy and winds were gusty, it still was not very cold. Things changed overnight.

  My usual Saturday routine is to do Mom’s grocery shopping early and then go over and spend the day with her.     

    Was up early Saturday, but the clouds did not look good. I did a little house cleaning and then the sky lightened. Jumped in the shower, dressed and started out the door. Again the sky was black, so it was back in, do some more chores, and again the sky brightened. Loaded the van and the dark clouds came rolling in. Called Mom to see what the weather was like in Courtland. She says, “It’s pouring rain and the sky is black.” I explained that     I was ready to come for the day, but I didn’t want to drive on that Pope/Water Valley Road in heavy rain and wind. She says, “Much as I’d enjoy seeing you, I’d rather you just stay home and safe today.” So that’s exactly what I did. Do have a little good news about the Pope/WV Road though, they’re beginning to resurface portions of it and it sure is nice. However, with no lines, it’s very difficult to drive it at night or in bad weather.

  We didn’t starve on Sunday. Jimmie had entertained the Pope Baptist Pastor and Deacons Friday night, so we got the left overs—they were delicious. Since I had not cooked any during the weekend, I decided to make our Christmas Dressing Sunday afternoon. Have that all done and in the freezer. Also deboned the chicken I’d cooked for broth and have it ready to make Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. Bo and Rance were busy getting a deer into the freezer—some of which will be used for another holiday meal. Rance says he also has some of his cheap quail – bought birds –for another supper.

  Sounds like Celeste and Jim, along with the Jackson Area family, will get to eat some of their favorite foods. Jimmie and I will have to add the veggies, salads, desserts and fried okra – tons of it.     

    When we fry okra it takes two-plus pounds to get any onto the serving platter.

  Rance was asking about fried pies during Sunday Lunch. He says, “Has everyone forgotten how to make fried pies?” I told him we had not, but those things take time—which we’ve had very little of lately. And you certainly don’t want to make fried pies and okra on the same day, unless you have many cooks in the kitchen. Maybe we’ll get to those on New Years.


  Last week several folks remarked that I changed gears in the column so many times that they had trouble following. Well, I’m doing it again.

  Back to the local decorations. Many of the Main Street Businesses are beautifully decorated. I especially enjoyed Crawford and Company, The Velvet Glove, Carolyn’s, and inside El Ninos the children’s art is delightful.

  All over WV lights are plentiful and varied. For many years all we saw were the white lights. Now it’s back to the multi-colored and other colors in mono-tones. There is also still an abundance of white light displays. Light displays at Lettie Lee Redwine’s, Cathy and Chip Odom’s, Betty and Roger Thomas’ (featuring blue lights), Javier and Shan Cassasco’s (how in the world did they decorate that huge tree?), the Hilliard Home, the Allen Tidwell’s and many, many more were just beautiful

  My favorites are the classic decorations—especially enjoyed Dale and Bob Tyler’s, Charmie and Barry Weeks’, and Betty Ruth and Tommy Swearengen’s homes, and the list could go on and on.

  Beautiful decorations abound most any direction you travel from Water Valley. People do put a lot of time and effort into making the world beautiful for this very special season.

  My house, on the other hand, looks like Scrooge lives there. I have a box of greenery on the front porch and have plans for putting it into place before Christmas Day. Also have most everything needed in the kitchen to make cookies, candy, pies, etc. Now this I’m sure will get done—this family had rather eat than see decorations.

  Celeste and Jim, if plans go as hoped, will arrive this weekend and remain until the 26th. If we remember the reason for Christmas and the children get home, that’s all it takes to make a wonderful Christmas.


  Thursday and Friday we all worked on the Christmas Section, which is included in this week’s edition. It contains greetings from most of the businesses in WV, along with pictures from the Christmas Parade. The cover page features many of the ornaments from the Herald’s Christmas tree. These were made by students of Imagination Station and they are wonderful. The tree will remain up through the holidays, so if you have not seen these ornaments in person, come on by and enjoy them.

  In getting the ads in place, I had to refer back to the 2005 Herald. Realized that I’d missed this paper. Jimmie and I went to Jim’s the day of the Christmas Parade so we missed it and the Christmas Edition containing the pictures. In the hustle and bustle after we arrived back home, I just never got around to looking at the pictures or reading the paper—was an enjoyable look into the past.

  The next two issues of the Herald (Dec. 27 and Jan. 3) will be printed very early (Fri., 21st, and Fri., 28th), but will arrive at your homes on the correct dates. Deadline for getting both news and advertisement into these papers is Thursday (20th and 27th).


  Since this will be the last paper you receive before Christmas Day, let me wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas.

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