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Herald New Year’s Resolution Is To Clean Up The Valley

We’re making a New Year’s resolution for 2008 to help clean up Water Valley.

If you think you have heard it before, you’re right.  Every few years the subject comes up about making Water Valley a better place to live by cleaning up the town. One of the things that is different now is that city government has new and improved zoning ordinances.

The new laws give local officials the help they need to make uncooperative property owners clean up their mess. We need to support the city when they use these laws for the benefit the town.

Something else that’s different is that there are additional groups of people who are more willing than ever to get out and work. The Baker Street Park project is a good example of citizens working toward a common goal. Volunteers are going to be putting sweat-equity into their neighborhood. When they are finished, the park will be something for which they can be proud.

Why is cleaning-up important? To begin with, it is one of the first steps listed in many economic development plans. And there are other reasons:

• A clean town makes a nicer place to live, work and visit.

• A clean town is more secure and comfortable.

• A clean town is more attractive for the benefit of those who live here as well as to visitors, whether they are tourists, family or friends.

• A clean town shows we appreciate what we have and makes the experience of showing our town to others more enjoyable.

• A clean town is good for business, which is ultimately good for the whole community.

Starting next year the Herald will begin to publish photos of areas of town that could use a little spiffing-up. We’re also going to recognize the contributions of individuals and groups who are working to help clean up Water Valley.

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