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Out On The Mudline

by W. P. Sissell

Mr. Fly
After the columns on Fly Mountain I had a call from Mrs. Marge Rider, telling me that Mr. Fly  was her uncle by marriage.  I only knew that he was Mr. Fly. 
Mrs. Rider later sent me a communication with much information, some of which I will quote.    My neighbor was Lawrence Rowles Fly, better known as “Roz” Fly. He was a prominent person admired and respected by everyone.  He had a car but usually rode his horse “Bill,” and always had the gun I described, on his saddle.  He was a man of few words, very brief and to the point, a good provider, husband, relative, father and neighbor.  “Roz” was the first to help people in need.  He would put food from the kitchen, pantry, henhouse, smokehouse, cellar into a burlap bag or flour sack and  hang it on that saddle for carrying to a person or family in need—put it on the porch, knock on the door, remount Bill and ride away without saying a word, if possible.  Mr. and Mrs. Fly raised three children in their first house.  This was only one of the good neighbors of the community  into which we moved.
One thing I forgot was that Uncle Nace McFarland , for  a couple of years, “bonded” his youngest son Ezekiel to Mr. Fly.  After those years Ezekiel worked for us around the dairy.   
We joined you folks, Mrs.  Rider, in never getting the power line.  I could write several pages about that fiasco, although the company made up for it on the Crowder farm.   Just before I returned from service my folks bought a power system (from Sear’s) which they used until they moved to the Taylor farm. 
Thank you for your kind remarks about my sister Ruth.  She was a sweet person.  Ruth passed away in 1996, suddenly. 
An Off Day
Just a few weeks ago Nannette and I found out that our former neighbor and close friend—she and Nannette worked together several years at the school in Crowder—is moving to Jackson to live with her daughter.  We finally caught her at home and asked if we might come visit before she left. She agreed so we took off for Crowder and spent a couple of hours there looking over our farm, which adjoins her farm, while there. 
On the way home I remarked to Nannette that I would like to continue our afternoon by going back to the old place—now belonging to all of you.  Thank goodness she agreed for after the inch of rain that we got yesterday I doubt that we could make the full trip today. 
We went out 32 to CR 152 which goes over the mountain  to the old home place. We made several pictures which I possibly  will use in future articles.  There was a number of parked vehicles along the road. We assumed they belonged to hunters.  How I would hate to have the task of just cleaning up that three acre pasture we called “The Flat.”  It was the night pasture during the summer months for our dairy herd.  Now it’s a jumble of brushy trees. 
One of these days soon I hope to get back and visit the west side of Spring Hollow,  both ponds and the cemetery.     
Do have a Christ filled Christmas.  You can reach me most of the time at 23541 Highway 6, Batesville, MS 38606, 662-563-9879 or

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