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by Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a good week.    Since the paper will be out early, my column won’t be as topical as it might be.  What I’m doing is covering various subjects and personal observations over the last year. 
My congratulations to Wal-Mart for having the courage to have their employees say Merry Christmas instead of the politically correct/ridiculous “happy holidays.”  The nut jobs that come up with all these “causes” must live really joyless lives.  I hope this is a sign that a back lash is beginning against all these sore heads and not a minute too soon. 
Another thing that is totally out of control is tipping.  Originally the word “tip” was an acronym for “to insure promptness” and I find no fault with that.  However, when I get my bill from the Commercial Appeal and find a line under the amount due for “tip,” I am offended. 
After all the paper delivery man/woman is being paid to deliver the paper on time, therefore he/she has performed no special service.     
Last night we took my daughter, Terri to a well known first-class restaurant  for her birthday and the lady that waited on us was so nice that it was a joy to give her a tip.  Thank you in advance for letting me “blow off steam” as I think once a year is O.K.  
I wonder if all of you are as sick of political speeches as I am.  Will Rogers once said that he was asked where he got his jokes.  He said that all he did was pick up the paper, see what Congress was doing and report the facts.  He also said that someone had said that he resented a professional comedian used Congress in his jokes. 
Will said that compared to Congress he was an amateur.  He also said that the bad part about political jokes was that too many of them got elected.  I feel that someone who spends his entire life running for something, has a definite character flaw.  Red Skelton, one of my all time favorite comedians that I had the pleasure of seeing in person once, had a parody of a politician named San Fernando Red.     
One of his skits had the character saying that he wasn’t in it for the money, it was the graft that counted.  Red was such a gentle individual that didn’t need vulgarity or profanity to be funny.  Today, in my opinion, the only real comedians are Dennis Miller and Jeff Foxworthy.  Politics must have been entertaining in the nineteenth century.  One candidate said of his opponent that he had been a homo sapien all his life.  His opponent fired back that he understood that his opponent had matriculated at College. 
In Lafayette county years ago a man named Hartsfield was running against a man named Ike Roberts.  Hartsfield said that he called on a country lady and asked for her vote and she told him before she would commit to any candidate they had to perform a  chore for her.  She said would he mind bringing in some wood for her cook stove. 
He said that he felt he had sewed up her vote when he came in with the wood and asked her where she wanted it.  She said throw it in the corner behind the stove and when he did there was old Ike Roberts churning to beat the band.  Of course that was a simpler time and people didn’t have as many things to entertain them as we do today.  I think that Papa Badley told me that Hartsfield won that particular election.  Before some of you start writing me and saying that I’m breaking my rule about politics let me say that I’m only talking in a general sense about the national scene. 
I have several profiles I’m working on and they will be in future columns after the holidays.  I believe that during this season most  people have other things on their minds. I considered taking a two weeks leave from the column but decided to go ahead as usual.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and will have a Happy New Year.  Let me hear from you as my email address is still or write em at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, TN 38101 and have a good holiday.

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