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Street Talk

By Jessie Gurner

Small businesses owners everywhere struggle and take risks in order to achieve their dreams. The start of a New Year is a great time to make some changes. Here are a few suggestions to help make 2008 the best year ever.

1. I will never, ever take my customers for granted.

2. I will work exceptionally hard to establish and proactively develop relationships with all my customers. I will ask every person if they would like to be on my mailing list, and I will communicate how shopping at my store will make their life better, save them money, and more.

3. I will be proud of my successes and will use them to create momentum to build an even better, more successful, more profitable business.

4. I will spend more time training and coaching my staff.

5. I will make a habit of catching, praising and rewarding my staff for “doing things right”.

6. I will keep my windows washed, the sidewalk swept, the cigarette butts picked up in the parking lot, the floors vacuumed, the fixtures neat and my counter clean. These little things make a BIG impression.

7. I will take responsibility for my part in the things that don’t work. I will not blame my staff, the economy, or the government.

8. I will constantly learn and improve. I will pay attention to what works and why. I will apply what I’ve learned to make everything I do better, easier and more profitable.

9. I will respond to stress with action. Every time I feel stressed out, I will immediately find a way to solve the problem and act. I will do something positive.

10. I will have fun. I will make my professional life a wonderful adventure – not always easy, but always worthwhile. Hey, if I’m going to spend at least a third of my life someplace you can bet I’m going to enjoy it!

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