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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Apparently there has been a lot of delay with paper delivery during the holiday season. I’ve had numerous calls telling me that the delivery has reverted to former scheduling—and it had gotten so great.

  Virginia McClaflin, who lives in Memphis, called from the home of son Robert McClaflin in Palmetto, Florida, where she is visiting. She reports receiving Robert’s November 22nd issue on December 17th and his November 29th issue on December 18th. Virginia knew that it was not our fault, but thought we would like to know what was going on—we certainly did and we appreciate her calling. I also enjoy visiting with her and catching up on the McClaflin family—we’ve been friends for many, many years.

  Can’t remember to ask Jim how his paper delivery is these days—we’re always busy discussing other matters.

  Celeste and Jim arrived back in Las Cruces Sunday, December 30th. They stopped for a few days in Abileen to visit with her father, brother and his family. Celeste returned to the classroom yesterday (Monday) and Jim says he’s back in school, but still has no students—they’ll return next week.


  After we completed the New Year’s Edition on Friday, we were off Monday and Tuesday. On Monday I cleaned house in the morning (well as much as I clean—got out the Christmas greenery). Then in the afternoon insulation was needed so I proceeded to retrieve same from the attic—it had been stored there for about 20 years, so you can imagine the dust. I didn’t stop to get a dusk mask and the heat in the attic was probably over 100 degrees. I was sure I’d have a good case of bronchitis, but escaped with only some really irritated sinuses. I brought down about 15 rolls of R-19 and that stuff is heavy and bulky. I’ve only been more tired once before in my life—that was following the Mechanics Bank Section, which we printed when they moved into their new building, some 35+ years ago.

  After standing in a hot shower for about 30 minutes, I got rid of the fiberglass and the tired muscles. Unfortunately the sore muscles were back next morning and I had to repeat the shower therapy before going to Mom’s for the day. We watched the New Year’s Parade and it was great. First time I’d watched this parade since Ed died.

  Jim called to tell us that friends Barbara and Rick Lambrecht had helped with the Cal-Poly Float. This made seeing this float even more interesting. Rick plays French Horn in El Paso Brass and he and Barbara are both band directors.

  The Lambrecht’s are Air Stream owners and they have a club. This group attends the Rose Parade, help with a float, and sit in a body. Sounds like great fun.

  I was so excited to find that I actually knew someone who helped with one of these floats—had been great just to know someone who attended the parade and we’ve had Vallians who have.

  Also many years ago, the late Arthur Walkers had a niece who was Parade Queen.

  After the parade we drug out some leftovers, cooked our blackeyed peas and cabbage and enjoyed a pretty tasty New Year’s meal.


  Wednesday morning schedule was back to normal. I delivered papers to the stores in the wee hours, as usual. Left my clipboard at Sylva Rena Grocery and at the next stop actually remembered where it was. Backtracking to SRG, I saw Travis Brooks coming out the door with my paper work in hand. His remark was, “First mistake you’ve made this year?”  I admitted that it just might be, but I was sure it would not be my last. The gang out at Sylva Rena on Wednesday morning sure do liven up my day and the food is also great.


  Our schedule is back to normal, with all deadlines again Monday, 5 p.m.


  Was going to take down the outside greenery Thursday afternoon, but found it was still just as live as it had been when I put it up—must be all the moisture we’ve had. I think I’ll just change Christmas to a Valentine motif and leave it up—it does smell good.

  After work Friday, I went over for Bridge—first time I’d played in a long time.

  Another member of the club, Hilda Broom, who along with Husband Carlock, had spent the last school semester teaching in Montana, were home. Hilda and I often team up if we have extra folks and we do make a good team—she plays and I advise (isn’t that a laugh), then if we go set, I blame her—well, she is playing the hand.

  Friday night, though we were very short. To play two tables we had to use two dummy hands. This makes everyone work overtime. I played with the dummy during two sets and he had great hands. Unfortunately all night I had one to five points, with a couple of hands reaching to nine, but still was not low scorer.

  Food was great. Our hostess, Connie Hawkins, is a wonderful cook and she had some of my favorites—Taco Soup, Red Beans and Rice, Cornbread, etc. and a chocolate mousse that was sinful.


  Was so sorry to hear of the death of long-time friend, Louise Champion. When prayer was requested for the family Sunday morning, most everyone there related a time when Louise had been their nurse. She was remembered fondly by everyone.

  Was sorry that I missed seeing Lily and Danny and other family members. Sympathy is extended to all of them.


  Betty Davis called Monday morning to tell me that Barry Bolen sent his regards—I was sorry that I missed a visit with him. She says he was helping Ludie out, telling us that we were falling down on our duty to get together, eat and have fun, so I could write about it. Well, I intended to have a gang party last Saturday night, but just couldn’t get it together. Sunday was Ludie’s 90th Birthday and we always had our combination Christmas get-together and her birthday celebration sometime between Christmas and her birthday. We may be a little late this year, but we’re going to celebrate.


  Hope everyone’s year is off to a great start. Weather is certainly wonderful, if you like warm, and Cathy Odom and I do.

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