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Sesqicentennial Celebration Should Bring Pride To City

In early 1958, talk in Water Valley was about the upcoming Centennial. Today the talk is about the upcoming Sesquicentennial. Many of the issues are the same now as they were 50 years ago.

The Herald published this editorial on Jan. 23, 1958.

Should We Celebrate Our Centennial?

The matter of Water Valley’s one hundredth anniversary |s being discussed and the questions are being asked, “Should we celebrate the centennial?”

We are definitely in favor of having a suitable observance of the occasion.

We believe there are many benefits to be obtained from an observance of this kind.

We are what we are, largely because of the way our forefathers set for us. The history of Water Valley should be better known by the people. We should know more about the early settlers of the area – who they were, their way of thinking, their hardships, and their accomplishments. Only as we can properly evaluate experiences of the past can we best plan our future goals.

A celebration of this kind will attract attention of many people. A certain amount of publicity will be obtained for the city and community, and we believe this will be good for Water Valley.

An observance of this kind will call for the cooperation of all the people. As we plan together, work together, and play together, we come to know and appreciate each other more. Cooperation and understanding of each other will be good for the community.

An observance of this kind will develop greater community pride and civic spirit. We have seen evidences of increased civic pride in our Christmas decorations over the past several years. These decorations have evoked much favorable comment from visitors in Water Valley and even from transients just by chance going this way. Our home people have been pleased and have been thrilled as they heard nice things said about the community and their efforts.

These are a few of the reasons we believe should lead us into deciding to observe the occasion with fitting ceremony.

The experiences of other communities can benefit us. The know-how, turned to our benefit may save us mistakes, and save us much money in having a centennial celebration.

Too, there are few people in Water Valley who have the time to devote to planning such an undertaking and studying all the details. With a systematic plan, and all the people joining in the work, the task will not be too much for any individuals.

We believe a fitting observance of this hundredth anniversary of Water Valley will be an event that will be remembered pleasantly for many years and can be the springboard for advancement through future years.

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