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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    During those pretty spring-like days last weekend, I was amazed at the birds gathering in my yard. One day an old cedar was covered in cardinals. It was a perfectly decorated Christmas Tree—just a few weeks late. Another Cardinal perched on the Christmas greenery left over on my front porch. It has four swags and that bird just sat right in the center as if he’s been placed there. I enjoyed this lovely sight for several minutes.

  For the past several nights though I’ve had visiting critters in my attic, which I’m not enjoying. They sound like a herd of elephants romping around in the wee hours. One night I was awakened at 2 a.m., then again at 4 a.m. and finally at 6 a.m. I just gave up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. It’s probably squirrels—they decide to move inside several times a year.

  The warmer weather also brought geese into the area—saw a gaggle headed north when I came home Sunday afternoon. With the cold weather coming in, they may decide to make a u-turn.


  We’re still receiving complaints about the untimely deliver of papers for the past several weeks. We hope it’s due to the holiday mail overload and will smooth itself out in the next few weeks. Every paper I’ve checked has been okay in our computer.

  Talked to Jim this morning and intended to ask him about his paper delivery schedule, but we  got on to other subjects and I forgot. He’ll be out of pocket for the next several days. El Paso Brass will be playing a big concert in the middle of the state and they also have three “Music in the Classroom” performances scheduled in that area.

    Jim’s phone service sometimes is not good when he goes into these remote areas.

  Also related that he now has a confirmed release date on his Blues CD. It will be in June. He’s also planning to be in Memphis for some more recording in the summer. Mom likes having her child as near as Memphis.


  Life has been really boring around the Shearer house lately. Jimmie and I had planned to make some of the after-Christmas Sales, but so far have not been anywhere. I’m sure we’re much to late to get any good stuff—as if we need anything. I took Mom a couple of cute things off Fred’s Christmas Mark-Downs and she loved them.

  Thought she needed a “happy” since I was feeding her left overs for Saturday lunch. Pulled some “more” out of the freezer, heated up some cabbage, fried some okra and made cornbread. Did a little better for Sunday lunch. Made minute steak and gravy, peas, mashed potatoes, etc., along with great Strawberry Shortcake. If you didn’t get strawberries at Larson over the weekend you missed a treat—they tasted like they came out of your own patch.


  Last Friday, as we headed back to the office after lunch, we dropped by the Old City Hall, which is now headquarters for the Main Street Association. The building, being renovated by Francis Denham, looks great. The old metal ceiling has been painted, trim has been replaced and painted, the old tile floor has been restored, walls have been painted and the wall tile has been cleaned. Can’t wait to see the completed transformation, with the furniture in place.

  Being in this building brought back lots of memories. Mayors Stanley Perkins and L. C. Stewart, along with City Clerk “Doc” Cox, just seemed to be right there with us. The safes were points of interest. I remember the front one always stood open and I often delivered supplies and just put them on the safe shelf. I think it’s the one that has been closed, with no one knowing the combination—probably didn’t back then, therefore the reason for its being left open.


  Bobby Suratt was in today and we enjoyed more great memories. He had attended a reception for Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Flint at the Batesville Country Club on Saturday. Brother Don had also attended this event, so I’d gotten a glowing report Sunday as to the fun everyone had enjoyed. Members from four musical groups that Calvin had been a part of presented a program. Bobby played base in the band, “Uncle Sam”. They often rehearsed in one of the buildings just down the street and Jim was always at rehearsal, Ed usually was, and occasionally I’d slip down to hear a little wonderful music. Bobby says he doesn’t know how the horns made it through the night—he had a blood blister on his finger. Wish I’d gone—maybe they’ll get together again.

  We somehow got onto Glenda Griffith’s relatives and Bobby shared that that her brother, Hayden Hall, owns Mississippi Mud in Marks. I says, “Well I purchased a couple pieces of that pottery shortly before Christmas and Jimmie and I love it.”  He says that Carolyn’s Flower Shop is going to carry this product. Am glad to discover that we know who the artist  is and that it will be available in the Valley.


  Watched the weather this morning and it doesn’t look good for Wednesday night into Thursday. I like sunshine and warm temps—the white stuff can stay to our north and not bother me one bit.


  Going to cut this column short, since I don’t really have any news. It’s being written late Monday, because I have to go over to Jimmie’s and Bill’s for the night.

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