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How About This Job Assignment: Window Shopping

By Jessie Gurner

My research for this week’s column was arduous. Part of the homework for a Mississippi Main Street Association seminar on retail design was to window shop.

So one cold afternoon, in an effort to practice genuine window shopping, I walked down the street without any cash or credit cards. This, I assured myself, would ensure a true window shopping experience.

Well, okay, I may have gone inside some of the shops. After all, it was a cold, dreary afternoon with only a few shoppers out in the wind. It was my civic duty!

And once in the stores perhaps I found an item or two that I begged them to hold for me until I could come back with some money. Well, those kinds of things happen when you window shop, don’t they?

Window-shopping is also good for your health. If you are like me and overindulged on cakes and cookies during the holidays a good stroll will help burn off some of the Christmas cheer you’re still carrying around.

Okay, I might as well admit it. I love to window shop!

It is impossible for me to get from point A to point B without stopping to look at window displays. I double dog dare you to try and do it. Only the true non-shopper can walk past a tempting window display without pausing.

I can’t think of a better outing for friends or a couple than to stroll down the streets and window shop – especially at this time of the year when the shops are all dressed up for Valentine’s Day.

Put on you coat and mittens and go window shopping.

And while you’re at it, buy something for your Valentine sweetheart. Let’s keep the money in the community. We’ll all benefit.

For more information about the Water Valley Main Street Association contact me at or 473-6767. Or visit the WVMSA office at 207 Main Street.

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