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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer    

Weather has been a major topic of conversation over the past week. We’ve had extreme cold temps, normal winter, and now spring-like, actually March, with the wind really blowing. Well, we also have the April showers this morning (Tuesday), which I hope will bring the May flowers.

  When I left work Friday, shortly before five, I really thought we were in for another ‘94 ice storm. I didn’t let the van warm up (really didn’t think it was that cold). Pulled into traffic and before I reached the Baptist Church my windshield was completely iced over, even with the wipers on full speed.

    I pulled to the curb, let it warm up, defrosting the windshield and back glass. Took off again, only to immediately have moderate icing again. This time I did continue to travel, but slowly. About the time I crossed the by-Pass, the defroster had caught up and I had no further icing problems until I was home safely and parked—the ice covered the van in a short time. I knew that it was doing the same to trees and lines, so I found flashlights and candles.

  Knew we had some ice on the road, though, because just before reaching the Camp Ground Road/Airways Drive intersections there were vehicles off the road on Hwy. 315. Several law officers were on the scene, so I just eased by. Didn’t hear of any injuries, so I assume that it was just minor.

  I cancelled my usual Saturday trip to Mother’s. Could hear traffic on Highway 315 and my driveway looked fine, but the report scrolls kept advising to stay off the roads and Panola County was included in this advisory. Went on over Sunday and found that they’d actually had less ice than Yalobusha County. I don’t take chances, though.

  I had an exciting day Saturday—all alone and bored, I unpacked and put away clothes from the week before in Jackson, washed, dusted and ran the vacuum. Had stopped for bread and milk Friday at noon, so I didn’t starve. First time in a long time that the van did not move off the hill.

  So many folks keep telling me that the cold, icy weather is good because it’s getting rid of all the unwanted insects. Know this is not true, because they have packed up their little bags and moved in with me.

  Our house has always been a haven for wasp and stink bugs. Don’t know how they get in but they do. Every day I sweep up a trash pan full of these critter and I have to chase them with a fly swatter each night before going to bed. Think I’m rid of all them, but next night there is a new crew.


  Thanks for all the concern expressed for Brother Terry’s health. I’m glad to report that he was able to go home last Thursday, seems to be doing as well as possible. Also, to date, he is still not smoking—which is a major blessing.


  Brother Don brought me the Outdoors Section from the Sunday, January 20th, edition of The Clarion-Ledger. In an article, One for the Books, featured was Wildlife Photographer Paul Brown. This time though, Paul was not the photographer, but the subject of the picture, along with his impressive game. Paul had bagged a record-class buck. The cutlines read, “Wildlife Photographer Paul Brown was holding a 7-mm rifle instead of a camera when this record-book class buck walked into gun range (140 yards) Wednesday in Holmes County. Brown said he really wanted his son to kill the deer (of course I was sure he wanted to photograph it first but reported that he never had enough light for this when the deer was visible). The story says he scored the 17-point as a main-frame with 170-3/8 net inches B&C (192-3/8 gross). Whatever all that means—you hunters will know.

  Paul’s brother, Marion, along with his wife, Becky, lived in the WV Area for several years, a few years back. Paul presented the program for the Wildlife Tasting Buffet Program a couple of years and these were wonderful.

  Congratulations to this fine  wildlife photographer and apparently fine sportsman.

  The story and picture brought back lots of fond memories. Oh yes, I have the paper at the office if anyone would like to see the picture or read the article.


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