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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    We have a cute little stuffed horse in the office, which needs to be picked up by its owner. Jack found it on the street last week. On the label DanDee Collector’s Choice, is printed in ink the initials C. J. If this belongs to your child it can be claimed at the Herald Office.


  Rummaged in the summer closet for a short sleeved shirt this morning. With a predicted high in the mid-70’s, and the threat of severe weather later in the day I’m writing the column early in the day—might lose power. Weather this warm in early February brings an uneasiness to the Valley—we are all too well acquainted with tornadoes. I don’t like ice and snow, but think these are preferable to a tornado. With freezing weather you can just sit tight until the  ice melts—might get a little cold or even hungry—we know in our area the thaw has always come before we freeze or starve.

  Lucia Holloway and I almost missed a really great performance last Thursday night, because of predicted icing conditions. Last week she invited me to attend the Big Band Concert at Ole Miss with her. I was really looking forward to this, but would not get on icy roads even for this. Watched the weather all day long and it really looked like we were going to get ice on the roads, so shortly before closing time we called off our trip to Oxford. On the way home the temp kept rising. Arriving at home I flipped on the TV to find what the experts were giving out. Was delighted to find that the freeze had been called off, so I rang up Lucia and says, “Let’s go!”  Arriving at her house, she says, “I’m sure glad you called, because I really wanted to go and was even contemplating going by myself.”

  The concert we heard was by a Big Band, composed primarily of University of Mississippi Professors, aided by several Ole Miss students and a few Ole Miss alumni.         Directing the Big Band was U of M Band Director David Wilson. It was one of the most enjoyable programs I’ve ever heard. Big Band Music is my favorite and this group played selections from most of the bands through the 30s and 40s and they presented each with the sound of the orignial bands. It was amazing. The hall, which is the renovated University High Auditorium, is now the Nutt Auditorium. If you have not been in this facility in recent years, you are in for a treat.

  Last time I was in this hall it was a retangular room, with a level floor, perpendicular walls, I think folding metal chairs and a very low stage. The acoustics were not good and the decor was 50’s high school.

  This treasure is now state-of-the art, with very comfortable theatre seats, a raised floor, large stage, beutiful walls, lighting and ceiling. The acoustics are wonderful.

   On the way home Lucia and I discussed the possibility of future performances of this group. I says, “Yes, they could do the same program tomorrow night and I’d be right back.” I’ve told lots of folks about this presentation and each one says, “I hope they do it again, I’d sure like to attend.” Proceeds from the show are being used to fund the music scholarship program. So if you want to raise more money, just present the show again—I’ll be there and I think I can bring a bus load with me.

  Again, I thank the entire band and everyone who contributed to this program for a most delightful musical experience.


  Friday I prepared the W-2s and W-3, pulled the 2007 papers off the shelf, boxed up copies to be sent for bound files, and put away the office file copies. When these chores are completed I feel like I’ve gone a long way to completing a year. Now have to get on with getting books ready for the CPA. Dorothy Jane would say, “We’re running a little behind schedule and she’d be right.” Daughter Jane was in yesterday and we didn’t even discuss taxes—We must be slipping.


  The most exciting thing happening over the weekend was a win by Eli Manning and the New York Giants. I forgot to watch the end of the game—went home from church and didn’t even turn the television on. However, I think I’ve heard most of the plays from the avid Valley fans and I’m certainly glad that Eli and the Giants won.

Listening to the news last night I was impressed with the comments made by Father Archie and Brother Peyton. Also enjoyed seeing highlights of the game.


  Mom and I watched the golf tournament in Scottsdale Sunday afternoon. The number of fans attening this was staggering. Add to this the football fans in the area and I wonder where they housed and fed all these folks. Arizona enjoyed a big week.


    Jimmie Dale Sartain dropped by for a short visit Monday afternoon. He and Betty were in the area for a visit with family and friends and also for him to present his Bro. Dry Fry Skit in the Houston Methodist Church and the Mantee Baptist Church. I’d missed the fact that Jimmie Dale was a graduate of Houston High. He says he exited HS while his parents were managers of the Trace Inn there. Asked him if he knew Ed’s cousins. He didn’t know Ed had cousins in Houston, so I introduced him to them. Found Jimmie Smith, who served as mayor for several years, and his wife, Betty, were long-time friends. Jennie Thornton, and her husband, Travis, were in Natchez when Jimmie Dale pastored a church there. Both Travis and Jennie were educators. They had not met. After retirement they moved back to Houston. The third of the Smith siblings, Martha, and her husband Charlie Smith (she was a Smith and married a Smith), also retired and moved back to Houston a few years ago. They had lived in Arkansas, where he had automobile dealerships.

  In Mantee Ed had cousins from the Dalton side of the family. Many years ago we attended a performance of a choir which included a granddaughter of the late Rev. and Mrs. Claude Lazenby (Anita’s daughter). Arriving we found that the pastor there was Rev. Ken Hester, nephew of our first hospital administrator, Paul Strode. Ken’s parents lived in the Valley for a number of years—It’s a small world.

  Jimmie Dale promises to come back to the Valley in the near future, present Bro. Dry Fry and also preach for us at Woodland Hills. We’re all looking forward to this, just have to work out a schedule.


  I’ve been listening to Lucia and Jack discussing the WV Ambassadors Program this morning and it sounded very interesting. Presenting it was Eddie Foster, Head of Crime Stoppers in the Area. This is a very valuable program and one that we all need to support. Thanks to Eddie for all his effort in this—I believe it will make a big difference in our Valley.

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