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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Last Wednesday Flora Mills came by with some great pictures from the past. Some of them were from the Nations Family, found in an Estate Sale in Memphis many years ago. She would like to give these to a family member who would enjoy having them, preserve them and pass them on to the next generations. Along with the pictures were news clipping from the The Itemizer (WV’s Newspaper at the time).

    Part of a wedding account in the Society Section read: Mr. H. H. Jones, a most clever and popular young man of Durant, and Miss Ethel Nations, the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Nations of Pine Valley, were united in marriage last Sunday morning at the residence of the bride’s parents, by Rev. W. James Robinson.

  The account of the wedding was also carried in the Pine Valley News in the paper.

  Another clipping was the obituary of Mr. Henry Jones (the groom), who died in San Antonio, Texas.  The account tells that Mr. Jones remains were brought to Water Valley and the funeral was held at the home of his father-in-law, Mr. S. C. Nations.

  There were no dates in either the wedding  story or obituary.

  If any family member would like to claim these pictures, contact Flora Mills, 294 Hwy. 315, Water Valley, MS 38965, or by phone at (662) 473-3901.


  Last Thursday was a hectic day at the Herald and I forgot to attend the First United Methodist Lenten Luncheon. Shame on me. Heard it was a wonderful program.

  I’m looking forward to this week’s luncheon, Brad Sartor, whom I’ve never heard preach, will be the speaker. He’s a grandson of the late P. G. and Martha Lee Scarbrough and Flake and Vi Sartor. Brad’s parents are Mike and Paula Kay Scarbrough Sartor.

  Presenting the music will be one of my favorite vocalists, Robbie  Parsons.


  Played Bridge again Thursday night—first time since before Christmas—and I was really rusty. Also, as usual, I didn’t get any cards, so I still claim the low score championship. Food and fellowship were wonderful and I have a great time if I don’t score a single point. Most of my score was defensive—think in fifteen hands my partner and I actually won one for a total of 40 point. Defense netted me another 360 for a total of 400 for the night.


  Spent the night at the Cole’s and early Friday morning Jimmie and I took Mom’s dog (Little Bit) to the groomer. He was a mess and they had to clip him to get all the mats.

  With the threat of more cold weather (he’s an outside dog) we decided he had to have some protection from the cold. Jimmie needed some items from Wal-mart, so while she shopped I checked the doggie clothing section, hoping to find a little sweater or coat. Found the absolute perfect plaid wrap, complete with fleece lining and leather toggle fasteners—very masculine. Problem was they only had an x-small and Little Bit needed a medium. Kept searching but the only wrap in his size was a very girly hot pink satin, trimmed in feathers.  I said, “No way are we putting this on that little male poodle—it’ll give him a terrible complex.”  I wanted to go to Tractor Supply in hopes of finding something better. Jimmie says, “He’s a dog, he’s color blind, he couldn’t care less what the thing looks like and we’re running late—buy it.” So, protesting very loudly, I bought the pink outfit. She trimmed the feathers off and put it on him. She was right, he didn’t care, actually I think he thought he looked really good.


  The Junior Auxiliary Crown Gala, held Saturday night, was very enjoyable. Food was delicious, entertainment was wonderful, and fellowship was great.

  The meal was catered by Taylor Grocery and everything I ate was very good. David says the shrimp was excellent. Patti Goodwin reported the same. I do like shrimp, but developed an allergy many years ago, so all I can do now is look and wish I could eat it.

  Jessey Higdon, member of the band, came by my table for a short visit. Told me that the band was just one put together for the Gala and that they’d had very little rehearsal time. You’d never have know it—they all sounded great. Also in the group was Ronnie Mills (Paula Hudson’s husband) and Mike Bumgardiner, whom Toni Hill introduced me to, and several others.

  At our table was the Herald Staff, along with Dolly Smith and John Ashford—I always enjoy visiting with them. Sitting behind me were three of the Morris Sisters (Zandra Walker, Peggy Taylor and Brenda Smith), Linda Maynor, Tommy and Toni Hill. We found that there are lots of Vallians that we don’t know. Toni was more on top of the newcomers that the rest of us.

  Congratulations to Mary Lou and Snooky Williams on being selected to receive the Community Inspiration Award. J.A. couldn’t have made a better choice. Those two have contributed much to the Valley for over 50 years.

  Wining the shotgun was D. J. Yount and the Drawdown Board was shared by Libby Kutcha and Glenda Gordon. My comment when they decided to share the prize was, “Boy, they can buy lots of paint and brushes with that loot.” They’re both excellent artists.

  I like the Silent Auction, but this year I was busy talking and didn’t follow up on my bidding, so I let several items I really wanted go to other folks. Did get four: two metal wall hangers, donated by JA; a beautiful wooden fruit pear, from Henderson’s; Paige Cothern’s Book, So Great the Pretender (I’m reading the program book and think I actually got another book, but doesn’t matter I’ve not found a Cothern book that I haven’t enjoyed—looking forward to reading the one I purchased), given by the author; and a chip and dip set by Pace Pottery.

    Was delighted to meet Mrs. Greg Davis at the Gala. I’ve watched Greg with daughter Macy on the TV Promotions for several weeks now and they are just delightful. Suzanne says that they were filmed without the knowledge of either. They thought they were just rehearsing, after a while asked when they were going to do the TV Spot, and were told. “We’re through”. Greg’s a candidate for the position U. S. Rep. Roger Wicker, vacated. Rep. Wicker is running for Sen. Trent Lott’s seat.

  We do have lots of political action going on in Mississippi right now.


  Don’t forget Y-Fest this weekend, being held in the Yalobusha Multi-purpose Building in Coffeeville, Friday and Saturday nights.

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