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Cummings and Goings in Agriculture

First Horse Show Of The Season Kicks Off Friday Night

By Steve Cummings

I’ll admit that the light snow that slipped in on us last week was quite pretty.  It was my kind of snow, one that did not cause hazardous driving conditions or last long.  Now that we have had our snow, I am ready for warmer temperatures and spring.

If you missed the annual ag banquet, you missed a really good program, or so I am told (we’ll get to that later.)  Kent Hull, former Buffalo Bills football player and Mississippi cattleman, was an excellent speaker.  The up-and-coming band, Thompson Ward, showed the locals why they are one of the hottest new bands in the southeast.  Congratulations to the award winners:  Farmer of the Year went to James Edwards, Excellence in Agriculture went to Billy Dean and Christine Fielder, Commitment to Agriculture went to John Ashford, and the Agriculture Hall of Fame inductee was E. Doke French.

Now to the comment “or so I am told.” Right after Thompson Wards’ first song, I got a call that my bull was in the road – unfortunately, I had to leave and miss speaker, Kent Hull, and the awards presentation.  Thanks to the Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Department for helping me with this endeavor.  Also, I may get to see the Ag Banquet after all thanks to the Morgans and the Bruce television station.

Due to the threatening icy weather conditions, last week’s timed-event horse show was cancelled.  This weekend the weather conditions look better and the first horse show of the season will be this Friday night at the Multipurpose Building.  Training barrels will begin at 6:30 pm with the actual show starting at 8 pm.  As usual, admission is free.

The annual Wildlife Tasting Buffet will be March 20 at the Multipurpose Building.  Doors  open to the public and all contest dishes need to be there by 6 p.m. for judging.  

Dr. Sherry Surrette will present a very informative program on endangered species, and entertainment will be provided by a very special guest.  This looks to be a great time and I encourage you to enter something in the wildlife cooking contest.

Horticulture Tip:

What Is This Purple Flowered Weed In My Lawn?

A prominent weed displaying reddish-purple flowers in many home lawns now is most likely henbit (Lamium amplexicaule L.). Henbit is a sparsely-hairy winter annual having somewhat rounded, opposite leaves with bluntly toothed margins. The leaves and flowers are arranged in whorls on tender four-sided stems that are greenish to purple in color. Individual plants can become fairly large and become quite an eyesore in a dormant lawn.

Since this is one of many winter annuals that invade our lawns, the best control is applying a pre-emergent herbicide near Labor Day to prevent their establishment.  However, once they are established, post-emerge herbicides or mechanical removals are your options.  

If henbit is the only winter annual found in your lawn mowing alone can be quite effective as it will prevent the plants from expanding and producing the purple flowers.  This weed is also one of the first to start dying out in the spring so hopefully it will not be around much longer.

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