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Betty’s Week

Former Vallian Cathy Chandler Aldy, now a resident of Tupelo, was in to pick up a picture of youngest daughter, Alex, from Jack last week. While here we enjoyed a short visit. Was amazed to find that Alex is a graduating senior this year. Seems that only yesterday she was a toddler. Was good to see Cathy and catch up on the Aldys.


  Finished the year-end bookkeeping last week and David took both the Herald and my IRS documents over to  CPA Joe Black. We didn’t want him to have to much idle time, which would allow him to get into mischief. I’m sure he needed our help for this at this time of year. The Valley is fortunate to have Joe and all the other great accountants and accounting firms.


  Vallians enjoyed a beautiful Easter weekend. Weather was great and the flowers, shrubs, and trees were blooming—no Dogwoods though. That is except on  our hill—they had all bloomed out. Looked everywhere for daffidols, forsythia, etc. Saturday afternoon to make arrangements for the food table Sunday morning. They were not to be found, even though I’d had a mirage of color on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Leaving Mom’s late Saturday, I decided to run by Lowe’s or Wal-Mart and pick up some little potted plants—knew that everything in the Valley would be closed when I got home. Told Mom as I was going out the door what I had planned, the exact route I’d take, then got into the van and about half-way home, realized that, like a homing pigeon, I just made my usual trek home. Realizing what I’d done about half-way home, I decided it wasn’t worth the effort to turn around—tables didn’t get flowers.

  We did have a very enjoyable morning meal though, even without table decorations. Fellowship was wonderful and food was delicious.

  Bro. Ken’s message was a timely one and the choir special was beautiful, even though we did have to change our selection at the last minute. Organist Barbara Warren was back in the hospital due to her hip slipping out of place. Report was that she would be fine. However for our untrained group to sing a complicated work, we have to have Sammie playing one set of notes and  Barbara the other. We do miss her smiling face and her musical ability.


  After church it was on to Mom’s and Easter ham, with all the trimmings, and visiting with family. Niece Misty was there with one of her stand-up comedian performances—when she tires of teaching math, we’re going to get her into showbiz.

  During the afternoon, we kept seeing mice everywhere. I’d been at Mom’s all day Saturday and had not seen even one of these little pest. Jimmie said she had not seen them on Friday, so apparently they moved in Saturday night. After everyone left, I began putting away food and cleaning up the kitchen. Bo and I had put sticky traps in the LR, DR, pantry, laundry room and kitchen. After he went home, just down the hill from Mom’s, we began catching the little critters. One would get on a trap and I’d run down the hill, fetch him to dispose of the animal. After several trips, he says I’m to tired to climb this hill again, if you catch another just leave it until morning and I’ll get it then. Did just that. As I caught one, I’d put it under a pan. I hope we’ve wiped out the invasion. Did find one interesting thing in our trapping—a litte piece of ham bone makes excellent bait. Told Bo we could probably patent that and make our fortune. We didn’t have services Sunday night so I stayed with Mom until late and we had a great visit.


  Becky Jones was in Monday and informed me that I’d renamed her Uncle Robert. I mentioned a week or so ago that I’d eaten with several men at the FUM Lenten Luncheon. Her Uncle Robert Reid was one of those sitting at the table. In the column I referred to him Gene Reed. Now I know Uncle Robert’s name and I certainly know which Reid family he comes from—brother of the late “Pete” Reid, Becky’s father. I knew a Gene Reed many years ago and that’s where my mind went. I do apologize Mr. Robert, but talking to Becky, it seems that the family has enjoyed my “booboo.” Mr. Robert, who lived in New Orleans, came back to the Valley to live following Katrina.


    Monday afternoon I enjoyed a wonderful visit with sister-in-law Faye Poindexter Shearer of Pascagoula, and her friend, Lee Martin of Louin. They were up for Faye to place flowers on her parents graves and came by the office for a brief visit. We rode out to the house so I could show them the work in progress there. Lee, who is an avid gardener and excellent carpenter, noticed my last year azaleas, which are still in their pots, and says, “You really need to put these into the ground.”  As they were leaving, I invited them to stay for a longer visit or to come back some weekend.

    Lee says, “We just might do that—I know how to plant azaleas.”  I enjoyed catching up on the Shearer nephews—learned that Bill, second from the top, is about to be married. Saw pictures and he’s getting a beautiful bride. Faye also had pictures of grand, Allison, (Steve’s daughter) and she is a little doll. Do hope she and Lee will come back soon.


  It seems that plans for the Valley’s 150 Birthday Party are shaping up nicely. Several folks at the Wildlife Tasting Buffet asked about the City’s newly adopted flag. Several were interested in purchasing one to display at there businesses or homes. Asked Mayor Bill Norris about this and he says it will be possible to purchase flags. The cost of an outdoor flag will be about $70. Call the Mayor’s pffice if you are interested in one of these flags.

  The Wildlife Buffet was great, as usual. Presenting the entertainment was Drew Popplreiter of Saltillo, who had been on the American Idol Program. He has a wonderful voice and was very entertaining. Sherry (Mrs. Derrick) Surrette, with the state’s Museum of Natural Science, presented the program on Endangered Species. We learned that at present, our state has 84 endangered species, but that the number changes.

    She showed a video of several of these and gave info about how to help preserve them and also how to keep others from getting onto this list.  We appreciate Drew and Sherry coming to be with us.

  The stew and chili were excellent, and I enjoyed visiting with those sitting around me—Kay and Larry Lawler, Bobby Turnage, Betty and Roger Thomas, Vivian Gilley, and several others.

    Daryl Burney was again a great MC and the door prizes were many and excellent. In my book, all the wildlife dishes were winners—some very tasty dishes. I’m glad I didn’t have to judge. Winners will be pictured elsewhere in this issue.


  My book is getting way to long, so I’d better wrap it up and help get this paper ready for delivery tomorrow.

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