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Caution Urged When Spring Fishing At Lake

The staff at Enid Lake reminds everyone that safety should be a top priority when fishing. This angler (above) has his life jacket on while fishing, an easy but often neglected safety priority. In neighboring Grenada Lake, two out-of-state fishermen drowned earlier this month.

By Chris Hannaford
Park Ranger

    As temperatures rise into the upper 60’s and 70’s visitors at Enid Lake once again begin to experience spring fever. Campgrounds have begun to fill with campers getting away from the everyday hustle and bustle, and the boat ramps are beginning to be utilized with excited fishermen in search of a limit of crappie.

    Even though the crappie spawn is still a few weeks away, fishermen have already begun pursuing this highly sought delicacy. All fishermen should know a perfect spring day on the water can turn hazardous and tragic in a blink of an eye.

    Fishermen should always practice water safety, and take every precaution to return home safe to their family and loved ones. The Enid Lake staff would like to remind all fishermen and boaters to practice safety first while fishing and boating this spring.

    A few safety tips that boaters and fishermen should keep in mind are:

    First and foremost, do not ever think “something can’t happen to me”, and always wear your personal floatation device (PFD) while fishing and boating. Remember, IT WON’T WORK IF YOU DON’T WEAR IT.

    As with all sports there are many hazards associated with spring fishing including: low water, cold water, high winds, thunderstorms, and sudden changes in temperature. Boaters and fishermen should be aware of these hazards and take every precaution to avoid them.

    Some helpful tips to remember while planning your next excursion include checking the local forecast to keep an eye on approaching storms and weather fronts.

    Boaters and fishermen should always pack extra clothing this time of year and dress appropriately; water temperatures are still chilly and sudden temperature changes are common.

    Last but not least they should always familiarize themselves with the area that they will be boating and fishing. Sportsmen are reminded to use extra caution while navigating the lake this time of year due to a great number of underwater obstructions/hazards during low water stages.

    While planning your next outing, take the time and identify potential hazards that could affect you and prepare accordingly. Let someone know where you will be going and when you will be returning. No one wants their next fishing or boating trip to turn into a nightmare.

    For more information on crappie fishing or boating safety tips please contact the Enid Lake Field Office at 662-563-4571.

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