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Betty’s Week

I think everyone’s week has been centered around the weather, beginning with last Thursday and it will continue through Saturday of this week.

  Bridge was scheduled for Thursday night, with me as hostess. Called Jimmie early Thursday and announced that if the stormy weather came in I was swapping hosting with her. Her rotation comes up next month. Well I left the office about 3:30, with it breezy but still not stormy or pouring rain. Spent some time in Dr. Barry’s chair—getting a permanent cap in place. It was a very successful and enjoyable venture. It’s always great to visit with Barry, Charmie, Christie and all the others at this office.

  After leaving the Week’s office, I went home, packed the car and decided that the weather would allow me to host my own party. We enjoyed a wonderful night of delicious food (Jimmie cooked it all), great fellowship and some really exciting cards (I actually played a couple of really good hands, with the help of Amy Florence—one of the club pros).

  Amy was my partner for one game and we played at the same table during another round. Her father was the late John Stone, DDS. Many folks from the Valley were his patients during our years without a dentist. It was in this time span that Ed lost all his teeth. Dr. Stone, working in the old Batesville Clinic, extracted all of Ed’s teeth at one time. Told Amy that Ed almost bit her father’s finger off during this procedure. Then Ed, back in the room but still woozy, got up to go to the bathroom. With me on one side at about 115 pounds, and his nurse, the late Marie Trussell (sister of the late Lawrence Hale) who was maybe 90 pounds, assisting. Ed passed out and hit the floor. Big John came in about this time, lifted Ed like he was a stuffed toy and put him back in bed. Anesthetist John O’Callahan was passing Ed’s door just as Dr. Stone was about to pick him up, offered to help, but was told, “I’m fine, thank you anyway.” Now at that time Ed probably was up to 215 or better and he was several inches taller than Dr. Stone—that man was very strong. Instructions were to stay in bed, which Ed obeyed until next day.

  He got his dentures in about six months, they served him well until a few years before his death. Second set was made by Barry and they were also great. Most folks never knew that Ed’s teeth were not originals. We have enjoyed relationships with great dentists.

  Amy and I enjoyed this reminiscing, but our partners were probably bored.

  The entire club came out on this night, which I though was remarkable with predictions for high winds, possible large hail, lots of rain, and tornado watches. We were in the basement playroom and forgot all about the weather. Were all surprised when we went back to ground level and found that nothing had happened—just a sprinkle of rain. I had to come back to the Valley early Friday and again traveled the Pope/WV Road with no bad weather and relatively little traffic. I was able to just amble along and take in all the beauty—this is a very scenic route in early spring.


  Saturday I turned butcher. Larson’s had a sale on whole fryers and I do like my own cuts of chicken. Bought many and cut them up—have pulley bones, backs, along with legs, thighs, wings, and breast. This is hard work, but it’s worth it. Made gallons of broth, using the bones, skin and fat—this is also better than store bought.

  Fried Mom some chicken (her favorite food) for lunch Saturday, so I’m her favorite child for the week. The boys came in from a fishing trip, with a string of really fine looking cats. They finished off the chicken and veggies, so I didn’t have to put up left overs. I enjoy cooking it, but hate to put the remains away.

  Sunday Mom and I watched the Masters. We were pulling for the kid from Tennessee. He didn’t win, but wound up high on the leader board. Winner Trevor Immeloman from South Africa is a great player and deserved the win.


  I, along with most Vallians, am looking forward to Water Valley’s big Birthday Party Saturday. It’s hard to believe that I’ve lived in the Valley for one-third of its existence.

  Charles Cooper, in a recent column, gave a tour of buildings on Main Street in the late ‘40s. When in memory I travel down Main Street I think of the people in these buildings. In the early years we were up and down Main on a regular basis.

  Our close neighbors were the Merchants Grocery Gang (in the building between us and the present Horan Office—our building then), Olin Gore, Mr. Sissell, Barney Pullen, Lexie Peacock, and others. On the other side was Arthur Walker’s Barber Shop, where he and Ed Latham cut hair, and many older gentlemen (Tom Myers and Ben Barrett were the two I remember most vividly) gathered each day—this was a lively bunch. The Blu-Buck Staff was Buck Suratt, Mildred Lee, Billy Humphreys, Mr. Boydston, Woody Wright, Snook Wilson and I’m sure others. Bobby was in and out—He divided his time between his father’s and mother’s businesses. She owned and operated Western Auto further south and on the west side of Main. The cleaners was there owned by Kyle Skinner, and the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant was  on the corner. Across Martin was the Bus Station and Ben’s and Ludie’s Cafe. Lots of other interesting folks were north, but it would take a book.

  The building we’re in housed Chittom Furniture, with Brooks Chittom as owner and I think Inez Langford worked for him.  Further down the east side was Shields Shoe Shop and this wonderful family, the Pastry Shop with Myrtle and George Miles, Mrs. Boydston and others, Happy Thompson’s Cleaners, Thompson Studios, with James and all the interesting folks who worked there, the Bank of WV, Mr. Thad Trusty, Barron Caulfield, Dot Trusty, and “Droopy” Holmes, Dr. Rayford Edgar and his staff, Health Dept. upstairs with Nurse Ima Jones, and the Library with Mrs. Dick McGonagill

  Across was Peoples Wholesale, with Mr. E. L. McVey, Jasper Barron, “Chicken” Hudson and so many others. Next to the Presbyterian Church was Pegrams Store, which was so interesting, with Mr. and Mrs. Pegram as owners. Next was one of the original Baddour’s Bargain Centers, with Harold Cook as manager.

    Further down the west side was  Silver Saver, with George Surrette, Mrs. George Green and other staff, Turnages, with Mr. and Mrs.  Watt Turnage, Miss Turnage, Judy Mathis, Mae  Livingston and others, The Gregrorys, Stubbs, with Snooky and Mary Lou Williams, Parkers Ben Franklin, with Mr. and Mrs. Parker and their staff, Rays, with Warren, Clyde, Nita and their staff.

  With so many, there’s no way to name them all—we were a close loving Main Street Family.


  Back to the present. We have wonderful Main Street folks today and a super Main Street Association. Heading this group is Jessie Gurner and she, along with her board and committees, have planned an exciting Birthday Party for the City.

  I arrived on the 100th Birthday (no party) and actually have survived to celebrate the 150th. One Hundreth Anniversary Main Streeters left on Main are Snooky, Mary Lou and me. We do have a few other survivors, who are not on Main at the present,—Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Gregroy, Clyde Ray, Dr. Edgar, Ima Jones, and probably a few others.

  Check the paper for events of the day—the schedule is very exciting from early morning until into the night. Weather at present is predicted to be very pleasant, so come out and enjoy the party.

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