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Street Talk

Simple Thank-You Just Doesn’t Seem Adequate

By Jessie Gurner

Simply saying thank you seems an inadequate way to expression appreciation for everything that so many people have done in preparation for Founders Day.

Looking back, the idea of taking on a task like organizing Founders Day might not seem something a fledgling organization would tackle. But the president, officers, board members and committee chairmen expressed a desire to plan this celebration for Water Valley as a way to show their appreciation for their hometown.

At the first Founders Day meeting we were, quite literally, moving furniture into the Main Street Association office at the same time the plans were being put together.  The first item on the agenda was funding. How do you pay for a birthday party for an entire city?  The discussion naturally progressed to a list of possible sponsors.

The Mechanics Bank, Renasant Bank and Chamber of Commerce pitched in to help from the very beginning. Without them, there would not be any fireworks (Mechanics Bank), a 5K run (Renasant Bank) or a softball tournament (Chamber of Commerce).

The first out of town sponsor to come on board was Delta Distributing of Greenwood. These are the Budweiser folks. We are truly grateful for all the support we’ve received from this company. It is especially appreciated since they knew when they signed on as a sponsor that one of their major products, beer, would not be sold at the event.   

Cellular South was our next corporate sponsor. Their corporate sponsorship representative was terrific and very helpful to a new organization hosting its very first large event.  Soon Crawford & Associates, Marchbanks Real Estate and Water Valley Poultry were added to the list of Founders Day sponsors.

Spence Lee Transmission Shop joined in the birthday celebration as the sponsor for the Antique Car show.  The burgers and hot dogs sold at the show will go to the Baptist Children’s Village of Water Valley.

We you have the opportunity; please thank all of these people and businesses. Without their support, the Water Valley Founders Day Celebration would never have happened.

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