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Betty’s Week

The Water Valley Main Street Association sponsored Farmers Market will open its 2008 season Saturday, May 17. Local growers sell their produce in Magnolia Park on Saturday mornings during the growing season. If you are looking for some great fresh produce check them out.


  Long time friend, Alex Smith, (son of Jackie Smith and brother of Mrs. Mark [Claudia] Anthony) and his wife, Sue, who are from Seattle, Washington, were in for a visit on Friday. It was so good to see Alex again, and to meet Sue.

  Alex is the Contracting Officer for the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic & Atmosphere Administration, Western Administration Support Center. Sue is the Manager of Guest and Volunteer Services for the Seattle Aquarium.

  Sue shared that she has a fellow employee, Michael Darling, who really enjoys reading the Herald and is an avid reader of my weekly column. Thank you, Michael, for reading my feeble journalistic efforts each week. You are invited to come, visit the Valley anytime—let us show you some old fashioned “southern hospitality.” Why, a visit just might be the basis for an entire column!


  Jim Allen called to tell me of a recent scam being used in our area—it’s a really scary one. People are being contacted and told that they need a new Medicare Card and that to complete the transition to the new card, they need the person’s bank account number.

  In the case Jim knew about, the wife actually gave the person calling their account number. When her husband arrived home and she told him what had happened she was sent to the bank to cancel the current account and establish an account with a new number.

    While she was at the bank, the husband said the same person called back numerous times, but would not talk to him, wanting only to speak to his wife. When the husband asked for a number where his wife could return the call, the scammer turned belligerent and hung up. The husband in turn called Social Security and was told that they never conduct business by phone, but always use the U.S. Mail.

  If anyone asks for your bank account number for any purpose, refuse, and certainly refuse if they request you Social Security Number.

  Thanks, Jim, for helping get this message out so that our readers will be forewarned about this possible disaster to their finances.


  I missed the Relay for Life event Friday night and sure did hate doing so.

  Thursday night I began coughing and it only got worse during the day Friday. Knew that if I sat out in that night air I was going to get really sick. So I went home, ate a bowl of hot soup, and became a couch potato for the evening.

  Final got enough energy to take some cough medicine and climb into bed. Next morning I felt better, so I grocery shopped and went over to Mom’s. Cooked lunch and did some cooking for Sunday.

  Jimmie came on up and we decided to make a trip to Southaven. I needed to visit LifeWay to purchased supplies for vacation Bible school. She wanted to order some chairs for the Pope church.

  In Office Depot we were waited on by Manager Bill Brock, who was the most helpful and delightful young man. After Jimmie ordered her chairs—took only a few minutes—I directed her over to the office chairs.

    I’d been wanting chairs for the Adult I Sunday School classroom. Found a beautiful soft brown leather chair, that I fell in love with. She came over and was equally taken with it, sat down in it, and says, “This thing is wonderful!” I says, “I don’t think we can get ten in your car—guess we’ll have to come back in the van.” Jimmie says,     

    “They’re shipping my chairs to the church free.” Well, I wondered, would they do the same for my order. Found Bill again, and he says, “Sure, how many do you want?” Placed my order in about a minute and was told they’d be delivered on either Tuesday or Wednesday—now you can’t beat that.

    To top it all, the chairs I bought were on sale—big time.

    In LifeWay we were also well cared for by a couple of really knowledgeable salespeople. They helped us find everything we needed, except one item.     

    When it was not to be found, they got on the phone, and to their dismay, and ours, discovered that the item was totally sold out and no more would be made. Well they did their best. I knew that I would need more supplies, but didn’t at that time know what quantity.   After taking care of pressing business so speedily Saturday, we walked through one of our favorite department stores. Between us, we spent a whole $6.01 and this was for purchases from the 75 percent off rack.     

    Talking to Jim Monday, told him I’d wished for Celeste on Saturday—they had some beautiful formal wear, which she has to wear on a regular basis. Unfortunately to buy formal gowns, you need to try them on.

  Ed was going to buy me a new Mother’s Day dress, but he couldn’t find one I liked—He still buys gifts for all the special days. Didn’t do this when he was alive, but he does now.


  Going up Highway 55, the red clover was beautiful. When I see Red Clover I always think of the late Frank (Pop) Tucker. Mr. Tucker is Betty Davis’ grandfather, and was a long-time volunteer at the Herald. Mr. Frank wrote our Farm and Home Column and also edited our Yesteryear Column for many years. He was a wonderful man and was very instrumental in getting the Red Clover plantings started in Mississippi.


  Attended church Sunday morning, but didn’t make it to Mom’s. Slept most of the afternoon—which I rarely do. Did get up for Sunday evening services. Was glad I made the effort. We’re in our North American Missions Emphasis (Annie Armstrong Offering) and our guests Sunday night were two members of the Disaster Team from First Baptist Church in Millington—Mr. Carter and Mr. Selby. They told about the formation of their team following Katrina. They now have a disaster trained team of hundreds and a well outfitted trailer, ready to help with any disaster need. The men say that normally from 15 to 20 team members respond to a call, but sometimes many more are involved. A Power Point presentation concluded  the program.

   Yalobusha County also has a very active Disaster Team and we appreciate all these caring folks.


  It’s almost graduation time and we’re working on our special Graduation Section. I’m selling ads and if I’ve missed you and you would like an ad please call. These young people deserve our support and congratulations.

  Also parents, make sure your senior has turned in her/his biography sheet—we want to include all of them in this section.

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