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Betty’s Week

We have had several notes from subscribers over the past few days, some encouraging and some not, on the current status of mail service. We always enjoy hearing from our patrons.

  First note comes from Mr. Clovis Steele, who for many years was Superintendent of the Water Valley School System. For many years now, he and his family have lived in Laceys Springs, Alabama, where he has been in real estate. Mr. Steele writes: “Please discontinue our subscription, since we have been away so long we recognize very few people in the news. Thank you for 48 years of keeping us informed. We have many pleasant memories from our time in Water Valley.”

  We also have fond memories of the Steele family—Mr. and Mrs. Steele, sons, Raymond, Larry and James, and Daughter Becky. Larry and James we were especially close to, because of our band years together. They were all wonderful folks.

  A note from Mrs. Fred (Mozelle) Stephens of Wesson, reads: “Thanks for keeping the paper coming, sorry this is late. But you will be happy to know I get my paper on time almost every Monday. Do enjoy reading about the Valley.”

  We miss Ms. Mozelle and Mr. Fred. They are dear people and we’re sorry they had to leave the Valley. Thanks for writing.

  Next note is from Connie Vann of Chicago and it tells us: “I may recieve maybe one or two papers a month, sometimes none.”

  We’re sorry to hear this, but she must really enjoy the Herald, because she keeps paying her subscription. We do appreciate it and wish we could get your papers to you on a more regular basis. Want you to know we’re doing all we can, we put one in the mail each Wednesday morning.

  From Mary and William Lee in Pleasanton, California comes: “Delighted to receive the paper on Friday after you publish on Thursday—What an improvement!”

  It was good to hear from these two native Vallians. Mary Lee is the daughter of the late Thelma and Lee Edwards and Bill is a son of the late Mildred Lee, long-time bookkeeper at Blu-Bucks. Mildred was our Main Street neighbor and Jim’s volunteer babysitter and knitting teacher. They did have lots of fun—at least Jim did.


  Wednesday, after getting the papers into the stores, I went for a visit with Dr. Joe. I’ve been so fortunate, haven’t had a problem since Ed’s death—over four years. However, when I get sick I do it right. Was coughing until losing my breath, eyes were watering to the point it was difficult to see, nose was running, ears were ringing.

    However, I still didn’t feel bad and had no temp. Dr. Joe, who is my primary physician, but whom I had never visited as a patient before, opened the door and says, “You’re alone, you must be sick!” Well, I was, but he’s an excellent doctor and he fixed me up and I’m on my way to being good as new.

    We are so fortunate in the Valley to have such caring and capable doctors. I appreciate them all—hope I never need one again, but I’m glad they’re here. During my treatment session, Dr. Joe and I enjoyed a short visit. Told him next visit was to be in my office—I do love him, but don’t want to go see him again anytime soon.


  Worked (or rather sat) the rest of the day Wednesday. Then came in Thursday—stayed until noon—went home and crashed. My feet didn’t touch ground again until Sunday morning.

  After morning services I went over to Mom’s. Jimmie and the boys had cooked lunch, so I ate even though it all tasted like chalk. I’ve drunk gallons of OJ, water and ate lots of soup. Report is that chicken soup really does have healing properties.

  Mom was doing fine, Jimmie’s back is better, and the rest of the family seem to be doing O.K. One small problem, Brother Bo almost cut a finger off.  Nothing keeps him down though, he was right back to work.

  Seems the weather in Panola and Lafayette Counties was much worse than we had here.

  Brother Rance reported that his pickup was parked outside at LMT in Batesville and golfball size hail began to fall. His co-workerd urged him to go pull it inside.  Said he took one step out and a hailstone hit him in the head. He reports that he immediately didn’t care how much paint was lost or how dented that truck got. He says the lick actually stunned him. At the house it hailed for maybe 30 seconds, but it was only the size of a nickle—maybe a quarter.

  Jimmie reported seeing a funnel cloud—one is going to get her if she keeps tornado watching. Said last week though, she was down on the basement  patio and not up on the top deck. Also reported that she had the doors open, ready to retreat to her underground bunker. The Cole house has two bedrooms, completely underground—if you can find a path to get into them they’re very safe storm shelters.


  Did discover one thing during my home stay. TV is not very entertaining. I was surprised to find so many shows that featured witches, demons, ghost, mediums, violence, drugs, sex, and many other very depressive topics. I like good ole comedy—family oriented programs. Do believe that they are fast following the dinosaurs.


  We’re still working on the 2008 Graduation Section. If I have not yet checked to see if you want an ad, please call. Also Seniors, get us your biographies—We don’t want to miss any of you.

  This section will be included in the May 22 edition.

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