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Betty’s Week

Jim called last Thursday to tell me that he and Celeste were taking a mini-vacation over the weekend in San Diego, California.

  Jim checked in this morning (Tuesday)—always lets me know that they are back home safely. He says this city is one he highly recommends visiting. He reported visiting the zoo (where Joan Embry, who brings all the animals for us to see on TV, works.)

    Jim reports that it is huge and so interesting—said he could have spent the whole weekend there. They also toured the USS Midway (Aircraft Carrier named for the Battle of Midway, which was commissioned after World War II.) Another spot where he would enjoy  spending an entire weekend.

    They stayed in the area dubbed Little Italy and said they lucked out and had front row seats to the Sicilian Festival. Another area they visited was The Gas Lamp District and reported this  also fabulous. Jim says they were avid trolley riders and ate way too much delicious food—not good for the diets. Sounds like this is another “to see” destination—maybe they’ll want a return visit and possibly take me along.

  Jim’s new CD is scheduled for release June 14 (I already have a few and they’re $15 each if anyone wants one). Coming in for this are two of the featured musicians. Jim booked their flights and knowing only their performing names, booked them thusly. One of the names was not correct and he says you virtually cannot change a name on a ticket once the reservation is made. The only problem is that the man uses his first and middle names and not his last.

    Jim reports he’s gone round and round with the airline, but they will not add the surname. They have agreed to note that all of his credentials will carry that last name and he hopes, with this, they will let him on the airplane. Jim advises everyone to be very sure of the name you’re booking a reservation in—he says even check your spelling and make sure that the name corresponds to the name on your photo identification.


  Played bridge Thursday night—Jimmie and I hosted. We were short one player so I played and Jimmie was the hostess—they all think I need the practice. Wonder why?     

    Well I did extremely, earning the high score for night of well over 3,000. We did have a great time, especially at one table where Allison Rowsey and I were partners. Allison is a very conservative player and really does not like to loose—she takes the game way to serious. Well  she bid and we went set—she was very disturbed. I assured her that it did not matter—we were having fun. And we really did.     

    Made back-to-back games,  then I was set, had a reasonable score on the final hand, which gave us a pretty good score for the five-hand table. Eve Florence Sprouse and Eilene File were our opponents and Eve kept saying, “Betty, you’re crazy, but lots of fun!” Well I think that’s an excellent bridge compliment. We did have a great time, as attested to the statements of Eve and Allison as we leaving, “We’ve never laughed so much and had so much fun playing Bridge—Betty you’re crazy!” I enjoy getting a good score, but it was more exciting just having fun.


  Went to Mom’s on Saturday to cook and keep her company. Jimmie was busy at the church. They have just completed a three-quarters of a million  dollar expansion and the new rooms needed to be put back in order.     

‘Also there was lots of material and stuff that needed to be stored in its proper place. Jimmie says she was the foreman (naturally) and that all her men threatened forming a union to even get a water break. She is a tough boss.

  At lunch Sunday, Brother Bo inquired as to the status of my yards. Told him they had not been mowed all summer. He was immediately on this, scheduling a Monday, five o’clock arrival time on my hill. I tried to get him to just to cut the front yard—it’s all I every use. But not Bo, if there’s a blade of grass standing the mower or the weedeater has to chop it down. Did get by with only raking the very front of the house.

  Then it was on to the home of my late Mother Dolly. Here we found an excellent hay field—she had good grass and it was a foot to foot and a half tall. Again I suggested that we just mow the front yard—no one sees the back. Bo got the front down, put Carolyn and me to raking and bagging the clippings and he was off to the back. As we were busy at our chore, Roger Thomas came by with his mowers on the trailer—he got safely by my van, which was parked at the curb. A few minutes later a good looking new black pick-up, pulling a trailer carrying a big mower, stopped in the street. I thought, “Roger’s trailer was bigger than this one—can he not drive that thing by my vehicle?” Well he just kept sitting there, so I told Carolyn—Guess I’ve got to move. Then the window was rolled down and the idiot driver was doubled over with laughter. He says, “I can’t even pick up two old ladies—must be loosing my touch!” It was Brother-in-law Bill. I park by his vehicle and watch him ride that mower most ever week, but just didn’t expect to see him on Prospect Drive in WV at seven in the evening on a Monday. Carolyn and I will never live this down. However, he was a welcome relief—he took over the push mower and Weed-eater. Then even helped with the final raking and bagging.

  We all kept saying, “We need a hay baler!” Well, had we had one we’ve have gotten about a dozen good bales of feed.

  We finished up a little before nine and all went to our respective homes. Don’t know about the rest, but I had to have some couch time before I even got a shower, hair washing and my bowl of soup and cornbread. Was able to get out of bed this morning, though—maybe I’m not as out of shape as I thought.


  Graduation time always brings memories. Enjoyed reading the account of Lafayette High’s commencement program last Friday night. The Valedictorian’s address was excellent. This really jogged my memory— since my high school graduation was also on a Friday night, May 16.

    However, it was in 1955—some 53 years ago at Crowder High School. My class had 36 members and I began trying to recall names of these classmates—was surprised to find that they were all in the memory.

  Big event of the upcoming weekend is the graduation of Water Valley High School’s Seniors. Commencement will be held in the Tad Smith Coliseum on the Ole Miss Campus Thursday, May 22.

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