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My Two Cents

Herald readers are invited to submit their two cents on-line on stories which have appeared in the newspaper and on our website at Below are some of the best from recent submissions.

We asked Herald readers on-line these questions: What are you doing to conserve fuel? What do you recommend to others? Have you invented an alternative energy source that is being suppressed by the oil companies? Here are some of their responses.

DB said: I try to slow down. It seems to help ease the pain of miles-per-gallon.

Curious commented: Bye bye stimulus package check. Isn’t it a little odd that the amount of the stimulus package (around $150 billion) is basically the profits of the oil companies last year?

Blue Falcon flew in with this: Work four 10-hour days. We could do away with school busses. Pay the parents mileage to take there kids to school. You would do away with fuel cost for the bus, you wouldn’t have to pay a driver, maintenance insurance and you wouldn’t have to buy a bus every year. Keep tabs on the attendance of the child. If the child doesn’t go to school then the parent doesn’t get paid for that day.

Said Rebecca: I conserve fuel by only driving to work and back, one trip to the grocery store per week, and one trip to WalMart a month. Only necessary driving, such as doctor appointments, etc. No site-seeing and no driving long distances. Also no speeding, like others do. A speed limit means that is the maximum not the minimum.

Macho Truck added: I got rid of my gas guzzling twin cab, oversized pickup truck. I used the money to buy one of those wimpy little trucks that is really all I need and is costing a lot less. Plus it is easier to park.

Wondering submitted: You know these high gas prices are ridiculous. I just have to wonder if we all went to the station that had the cheapest prices and boycotted these that are ten cents higher and more than others, wouldn’t they have to bring their prices down? I mean it just seems like common sense to me. But people don’t see that, they kill me how they will go to these stations that have outrageous prices just because they are convenient. It amazes me!!!

Conserver said: I am doing my best to conserve fuel. I have two small cars, both four cylinders. Just five years ago when I first got my car, it took less than 20 bucks to fill it up, now it takes over 40. I go only where I have to and try to stay at a constant rate of speed when I am driving. What else can you do?

And finally: I pump with my eyes closed.

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