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My Two Cents

Herald readers are invited to submit their two cents on-line on stories which have appeared in the newspaper and on our website at Below are some of the best from recent submissions.

On the topic of a new doctor’s office that could allow the Yalobusha General Hospital to offer state-of-art medical facilities for Yalobusha patients, readers had these comments:

Looking Ahead said – This is a great idea. It is nice to have an organization in the county that looks toward the future. This will be a tremendous asset for our community.

Exclamation points said –  Somebody needs to find a way to lower taxes instead of bringing us a new state-of-the art hospital. Everybody who lives here already has to go to the ER or hospital at Oxford, Grenada, Batesville, or the free clinic in Oxford.

Question asked – What is the chance of getting an emergency room active at the hospital again. It sure would take a big burden off of the local people, who have to go to other hospitals in other towns. If you are going to pay for a state-of-the-art doctor’s office why not combine all of it together with the ER included. With price of gas these days and the economy the way it is, the people of Yalobusha County sure could use some relief. Just a thought…

A reader commented – If you’re on your way to the ER I think gas prices should be the least of your worries!!

On the story about the Mt. Moriah Union District Missionary and Educational Association building that was destroyed by fire Praying offered this encouragement:

I wanted to let the leadership and members of the church know that you are in my thoughts and I will continue to lift you all up in my prayers. God always provides and He has never failed us.

On the story about city offices being closed, readers had this to say:

Offended commented – Just who are our elected officials afraid of offending by saying “Memorial Day.” Maybe they just don’t remember why they’re taking the day off.

Reader responded – Why is it that you say our elected officials said this..Seems to me that people like you want to always blame ELECTED officials for everything BAD ..You think it could be just the person that wrote the article…and that he or she did not mean to offend anyone…

The story about graduation for the Class of 2008 being held in Oxford at the Tad Smith Coliseum drew these comments:

Class of 73 said – I do want to wish the graduates all the best. But,I don’t get it. Why do they go out of town to graduate? Is nothing in Water Valley good enough?

Class of 78 added – The city auditorium is big enough for graduation. Why not use something in WV rather than going out of town?

The story about a recent Yalobusha County Board of Supervisors meeting drew this comment:

Just Curious, Not Complaining asked – How much more will Frank Hyde be paid for being Arson Investigator? Why has it taken so long to decide Cecil Harrison is no longer eligible for the job? Can the county not afford garbage cans for the court houses?

Finally, on the photo story by Jack Gurner about the little T-Ball players at the Crawford Sports Complex, a reader had this comment:

Now this is good reporting!

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